Sunday, July 31, 2016

Donald Trump is Truly a Man Without any Sense of Shame

Who knew Dilbert is a fascist? Scott Adams has become Trump's Joseph Goebbels. 

"I’ve been watching the Democratic National Convention and wondering if this will be the first time in history that we see a candidate’s poll numbers plunge after a convention."

"On the surface, the convention is going great. Michelle Obama made a speech for the ages. Bill Clinton was his masterful self. Bernie gave a full-throated endorsement of Clinton. The whole affair has been a festival of inclusiveness. The media is eating it like cake. All good, right?"

"That’s how it looks on the surface. And if you’re already a Clinton supporter, it probably looks great all the way down."

"But if you’re an undecided voter, and male, you’re seeing something different. You’re seeing a celebration that your role in society is permanently diminished. And it’s happening in an impressive venue that was, in all likelihood, designed and built mostly by men. Men get to watch it all at home, in homes designed and built mostly by men, thanks to the technology that was designed and built mostly by men. I mention that as context, not opinion."

Adams likes to fancy himself some sort of master hypnotist with all this deep insight into the human psyche. But he outs himself pretty transparently here.

He sounds an awful lot like Trump who claims Hillary is 'always shouting.'

He's arguing that the men of America are going to backlash big time. I'd like to believe better of my fellow males.

I certainly didn't feel diminished by any of it but found the entire production very inspiring.

Matt Yglesias seemed to like Fight Song. So not all of us guys are like Trump, God forbid.

But Trump's attacks on Khir Khan are truly a new low.

Trump also says Khan's father "has no right to stand in front of millions of people and claim I have never read the Constitution."

This right is literally in the constitution

This tweet by Trump says it all:

"Captain Khan, killed 12 years ago, was a hero, but this is about RADICAL ISLAMIC TERROR and the weakness of our "leaders" to eradicate it!"

Why is a conversation about captain Khan and his father's tribute to him about Islamic terror?

He's now slurring Khir Khan and his wife and their deceased son because of their religion.

"Khan responds to Trump, telling ABC: “running for President is not an entitlement to disrespect Gold Star families and [a] Gold Star mother”


  1. Jason Taylor:

    Trump is a grandiose, rich, spoiled bully who deludes himself by using infantile magical thinking. Meaning, he believes everything he says is the ultimate truth, simply because it is his opinion. Trump shows signs of frontal lobe dementia. He is OK being compared with Adolf Hitler. And, he is buddies with Vladimir Putin, whose violence is moving him toward the actions of Stalin; showing that Trump has extremely poor insight and judgment.

    Trump mistakes 9/11 for 7/11. He mixes up Tim Kaine with Tom Kean. Trump tweets that Paris is in Germany. He is profoundly ignorant of the basic facts that the Commander in Chief must master. Trump cheats his contractors. He hires foreign workers illegally. Trump declares bankruptcy because he can, at cost to taxpayers. He stands accused of criminal fraud and will be in court on 11/28. Trump ridicules the Mexican background of the judge in the case who is a US citizen. Trump’s ignorance is pervasive. He is medically unqualified to hold office and must be required to submit to neurological and psychoneurological evaluations to document his brain disease. Trump must be forbidden to run for president, let alone occupy the office. He makes a laughingstock of himself with his unending self admiration and praise.

    What is becoming very clear is that Donald Trump is a dangerously deranged demagogue. It also is becoming clear that he is a stooge of the Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin. What I can’t understand is why he is not being investigated on this latter point. Trump is a person who makes money with casinos, glitz, and by cheating his contractors and investors. He is short on facts and policy. Why would anyone trust a lying salesman with national security, the economy, national intel, etc etc.? The bold warning signs are flashing in neon.


  2. Yes, ALL signs of Frontal Lobe Dementia (FDT) behavior.