Thursday, July 28, 2016

Vladimar Putin, Wikileaks, and Donald Trump: an Unholy Trinity

I could add a fourth name: Paul Manafort.

Remember what Howard Baker said about Nixon during Watergate: What does the President know and when did he know it?

Incredibly, we are at the point with Donald Trump  three and a half months before the election. Nixon didn't get there till five and a half years into his Presidency.

Truth is even Nixon was a far better man than Trump and he had some real warts and character defects. And he did release his tax returns.

Julian Assange, head of Wikileaks sneered the other day:

"Who hacked the DNC over the last few years and who gave WikiLeaks their emails are two seperate questions. Can journalists count to two?"

But, of course, it does not logically follow that they are separate questions.

Assange could have received it from the hackers. Speaking of the hackers:

"Senior U.S. national security officials tell NBC News they are confident that Russian intelligence agencies hacked the Democratic National Committee."

"The open question, they say, is whether those same intelligence agencies directly leaked material to WikiLeaks, in what would seem to be an unprecedented effort to influence the U.S. election."

"The Russian government had the "motive, means and opportunity," one official said, and many officials believe it is likely the Russians gave the emails to WikiLeaks, but there is not yet definitive evidence."

"It's a leading theory, but we couldn't prove it in court at the moment," the official added.

"The FBI and the NSA are now investigating who leaked the documents, U.S. officials say."

"Assange is claiming that he didn't receive the stolen data directly from the hackers-who are believed to have been in the Russian secret service. "

"But many officials believe it likely that Wikileaks got it straight from the Russian government."

In any case there are very serious questions about a man who is asking the country to vote for him to the most powerful executive office in the world. If this were another candidate, it would be over.

If the GOP Congress were worth anything it should be investigating this. It should certainly bring Mr. Assange in for a chat. And it should research the real nature of the Trump-Putin-and Manafort-Putin ties.

P.S. There is also the debate among experts. Did Trump commit treason? Or just some other really serious, bad crime?


  1. Meanwhile look what some right wingers are preoccupied with:

    Sure, I think Snopes should get the story right, and I trust they will. They've shown they've been open to changing their minds with new evidence in the past (unlike all religions and conspiracy theory cults the world over).

    Their main purpose is to try to discredit, as it's debunked many a right wing nutjob tall tale (and left wing ones as well).

    I'll never forget when my oldest niece including me on a massive CC list for an email she forwarded with a wingnut conspiracy theory on how they took "In God We Trust" off the latest coin dollar. It smelled like a big stinking pile of hysterical right wing horse shit, so I immediately went to snopes, found photos of the new coin with "In God We Trust" written on the edge, and sent a link to the article to everyone on her CC list. That's the last time I received an email like that from her! Lol.

  2. Another name you could add is Carter Page.

  3. Isn't Mr. Assange still holed up in the Ecuadoran embassy in the UK? Last I heard that's where he was hiding out from the British authorities because he's wanted in Sweden on sexual assault allegations.


  5. General John Allen... who knew Democrats had people like him? =)