Monday, July 25, 2016

Sarah Silverman Wins Line of the Night

Things are looking pretty good at the DNC now. Chris Hayes:

"There are basically like 30 Bernie supporters in the CA delegation who are the only one's doing any booing at this point but they're loud!"

But if you watch CSPAN you don't hear them too much. Networks are different story because of where their speakers, cameras, and mics are.

Since early crazy-and some truly shameful booing of John Lewis and chants of 'Lock her up!' thinks are going pretty well.

Dems have laughed and cried. Stories of dreamers like the young Kate Ortiz make you cry.

To say nothing of Anastasia Somoza.

But you also have Al Franken and Sarah Silverman to make you laugh.

Fittingly, the two were standing together at the podium when Silverman got the Bern of the night-pun intended.

"Sarah Silverman’s line “to the Bernie or bust people, you’re being ridiculous” got such a huge cheer. A reminder by voice that Clinton still won this thing by quite a bit."

Chris Cillizza wants to save the video for ever.

It was that good.

To truly appreciate it, you have to remember Silverman was for Bernie in the primary. She talked about that.


  1. Silverman said she's voting for Hillary "with gusto!"

    I liked that. I like Silverman about 200% more than I did when I woke up this morning.

    I'm still watching MSNBC... they had a split screen a bit ago when Corey Booker was talking: it had Corey, Bill Clinton and Bernie on it. I don't think Bernie knew the camera was on him because he had kind of a dour look on his face... I think it's just his normal face... not that he was disapproving of Booker's stemwinder of a speech.

    30 firebaggers from CA causing trouble. Shame! Oh well, it's a free country.

    1. Maybe the firebag-berners will shout themselves hoarse for the rest of the convention.

      If they hate Obama so much, why didn't they boo his wife?

  2. I notice that Bernie got a warm respectful reception from EVERYONE!!

    The more die hard Bernie lovers (not necessarily dead end berners), are teary eyed. Cute very cute. I hold no ill will to normal Bernie lovers.

    It's the firebagberners I could do without.

    1. Two phrases that should be avoided:

      "political revolution" (Bernie used this... I gues he had to, but that's the kind of talk that got us into this mess)

      "rigged system" (even when talking about Trump: Warren hit this chord a few times, and it had an unfortunate double meaning to some I fear in light of WikiPutin's sabotage)

  3. Mike, this RedState review of Bernie's speech did make me laugh a bit. E.g.:

    He came out to roaring applause. There were people cheering. There were people crying. There were probably some dudes praying to him silently, hoping he'd answer their prayers and smite the wicked DNC for all they had done. They ate up everything he was saying.

    However, about midway through, the crowd died for a bit. The cheers weren't so loud (except for the part where he mentioned universal health care), and they weren't as enthusiastic. The crowd shots of the Bernie delegates was just sad. They looked less angry and more defeated. I felt the same way watching the speech, but mostly because I was disappointed in myself for watching it at all.

  4. Lorenzo from Oz recommend this on the appeal of Trump (he says it's the best he's read on the subject):

  5. I know this is out of place here... but something just inspired me to make it, and now I've forgotten what, so Enjoy.

  6. I liked this HuffPo headline:

    Bernie Sanders To Supporters: It’s Hillary Or Bust

  7. I think this criticism might be fair:
    I would have liked to hear more about that... perhaps from other students who've been ripped off.

  8. Mike, you have to see this to believe it: congressman thinks Guam might capsize:

  9. Mike, Erick Erickson lavishes praise on Michelle Obama (no shit!, he really does):

    It's hard to hate Erick when he writes stuff like that, which is why I don't really: I just disagree with him about a lot of stuff.

    He also takes a dig at the berners: