Friday, July 22, 2016

Whether Hil Chooses Tim Kaine or Elizabeth Warren I Support Her Choice

I've made my choice. I voted for Hillary Clinton in the primary. I never predicated my vote on any assumption of who her VP will or won't be.

I wrote about her VP selection process last post. She's showing Trump how it's done.

The conventional wisdom will be that it's Virginia Senator Tim Kaine

He has the rep as being nice or boring, but when I finally saw him speak, I thought he did pretty good. He's capable and willing to hit Donald Trump.

I see on Twitter there is something of a freakout among some that he's too boring.

Some want Warren.

I want whoever Hillary thinks is the best choice.

First of all, people overestimate the importance of VPs in terms of being vote getters. There was a recent poll that showed that if Warren were on the ticket, 21% of poll respondents said they'd be more likely to vote for Warren. Sounds great right? But then there were also 19% who said it would make them less likely to vote for Hillary.

In other words, it's a wash. The other choices like Kaine, Julian Castro, Corey Booker, were about the same. All when you add up more and less likely to vote for Hilary leave it a wash.

So the reason to choose VP is not to get a bump in the polls as they usually have little effect.

As for Kaine being too boring, most VPs are not exciting. Or put it this way: name me the last exciting VP? I can't think of one. Even Trump didn't go with excitement.

There is also a worry that Kaine is prolife. True, I'm strongly prochoice, but in this Kaine is like Biden who was very strongly prolife at one time in the Senate and as VP has been prochoice.

Kaine and Biden are both Catholic-where being prolife is more or less a religious requirement.

But most Catholic Democrats are personally prolife but publicly support the prochoice position.

All of which is not to say Kaine is my choice.

Check the title. My choice is Hillary's choice. Full stop.

I think Kaine would be a good pick. I think Warren would. But I voted for Hillary Clinton and trust her to make the right choice.

What I am sick of is folks on Twitter who are just super passionate Warren backers or super passionate anti Tim Kaine.

Can we keep the eye on the prize? We have to make sure Hillary Clinton wins a landslide over Donald Trump to be the next POTUS. Full stop. 

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