Friday, July 22, 2016

For VP Selection Process Hillary Clinton Shows How it's Done

We hear that Hillary was allegedly careless with national security. Trump, for his part, boasts of his 'good management.'

Yet Trump's campaign leaks like a leaky tub. Yesterday his entire speech got in the hands of his enemy over at David Brock and Correct the Record who promptly handed out copies to the media.

Trump's VP rollout was one misstep after the other, culminating with the story dominating the weekend being that he was forced to choose Mike Pence, a guy he wasn't enthusiastic about.

With Hillary's pick, on the contrary, there is real suspense. I for one am not even trying to guess-as I lack the information to do so.

In other words, we can see that it's Hillary who can run a tight ship and has the 'good management' Trump talks about so much.

Here's Amy Fried, a political scientist to boot:

Kaine is in New England. Clinton is in FL. Warren is in FL."

All day the assumption has been it's Kaine, but this would seem to controvert that. She is going to announce today evidently.

As for who she picks, I will support whoever she chooses, as I trust her judgment.

You get people saying it must be Warren or it can't be Kaine. Absurd. I voted for her in the primary, and it was not based on any VP demands.

It's easy to put to much focus on VP anyway. A recent poll showed that the impact of Warren-or any of the other names-won't be great either way. Ever choice seems to lose as much potential support as it gains. Again, including Warren.

Agree with El Merv on this one:

"The ridiculous demands for ideological purity continue, from both the right and left."

If you want to be one of the first to get news of Hillary's pick, text 42746 and write VP.

Update: Good news from Van Jones:

Van Jones: "I have people who were the last hold outs for Bernie Sanders telling me they're going to vote for Hillary now"

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