Wednesday, July 20, 2016

GOPers Boo Cruz's Call to Vote Their Consciences

Someone on Twitter said this:

"If you think Cruz believes in the constitution, I've got a bible to sell you."

Listen. I don't care what you want to say about Ted Cruz now. Does he not really believe in the constitution?

I don't care what he believes in. At least he can truly say he doesn't believe in Donald Trump.

"People can impugn his motives. But actions speak louder than words. He's the only one to do it. He didn't go the Marco Rubio route and say 'I hate that Trump is supported by KKK guys but, gee wiz, we've got to defeat Hillary Clinton.'

In my last post I talked about how I got this one right.

I had suggested before the evening that Cruz might do this. After all, when has he ever been a team player?

But in retrospect it's even more obvious that he'd snub Trump. Now he can lead Eric Erickson nation.

"Ted Cruz just out-Trumped Trump."

"Turns out that when you bully a guy for months, suggest his wife is unattractive, insinuate that his dad participated in the JFK assassination, call him “Lyin’ Ted, dispatch your bouncer-like emissaries to coerce an endorsement – then give him a prime-time speaking spot on the third night of your nominating convention – well, you get the picture."

"Audacity is supposed to be Donald Trump’s most valuable attribute, but it was Cruz who delivered one the most audacious blows of the 2016 campaign, pointedly refusing to endorse his party’s nominee even as an incensed audience at the Quicken Loans Center on Wednesday night booed him off the stage."

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He certainly comes out looking better than Little Marco, or Chris Christie.

Harry Enten

"Paul Ryan could have done what Cruz did. Instead, he endorsed Trump."

"Revenge is best served on live national TV. And Trump, sat there sullen, stone-faced and jut-jowled with his equally unhappy-camper family – a higher stakes reprise of the public embarrassment heaped on him at the 2011 White House Correspondents dinner. Cruz’s defiance catapulted the ragged, plagiarism-marred, poorly managed convention into nuclear dumpster fire territory."

"Moments before Trump’s Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence was preparing to deliver remarks that included the line “This week, with this united party…” security escorted Cruz’s wife out of the arena for her own safety."

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Breitbart is outraged by Cruz's appeal to conscience.

HT: Tom Brown.

Look at it this way. Scott Walker gave a big speech where he urged Republicans to vote for Trump. Cruz urged them to vote their conscience.

Who will be remembered and who won't be?

Leon Wolf, Tom Brown's buddy:

"I know there are people who see ambition and self-interest in everything that Cruz does, and there is nothing I can do to persuade those folks. But it is important to understand the tremendous pressure that was brought to bear on Cruz to deliver a rousing endorsement of Trump tonight. It's pressure that has successfully brought every one of Trump's rivals to heartily endorse Trump. But instead of saying "vote for Trump," Cruz was the only one who instead said, "vote your conscience, and vote candidates who love freedom up and down the ticket."

"Conservatives who oppose Trump have exactly two candidates who haven't yet bowed the knee to Trump. Only one had the balls to come to the convention and do it. After that point of the speech, the tension in the arena was palpable. The chanting from the New York delegation was very audible. Cruz faced both boos and applause. And he still did not waiver. And that has to count for something."

It does. I think you have to respect Cruz a little now no matter what you think of him. 

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