Thursday, July 21, 2016

Jerry Fallwell is Wrong Both Counts

He says Trump is a blue collar billionaire. He is neither for blue collar workers nor is he a billionaire.

That was the start of tonight's convention.

Josh Barro wonders:

"Is there a theoretical GOP nominee so dangerous and horrible that McConnell, Ryan, Rubio would be conscience-bound to oppose him?"

Brian Beutler:

"One who promised to raise the top marginal tax rate slightly."

That says it all. Trump is there for the working man only if you assume policies don't matter at all.

Katy Tur interviewed the Trump delegate who said Hillary should be shot.

She did question him, but it sure was a friendly, smilely, conversation for a guy who doubled down on his threat right in front of her.

Guess it's all just a matter of opinion. Democrats want to raise the MW, GOPers want Hillary to be shot. Who is the media to judge?

Mark Halperin later went further and suggested that the concern over show trials and sending her to jail is just politics. So now he's normalizing talking about jailing your political opponents in office. Sure, Trump's just joking about that.

Phillip Gourevitch read through Trump's draft and he sums it up thusly:

"Trump, in leaked speech, says America is hell and offers zero indication of what he will do about that."

While Hillary should have this, the one thing to watch is if the media plays the grading Trump on a curve game tonight. He can read from a teleprompter! He has photogenic adult children! I guess he's Presidential!

Off topic: Sarah Palin slams Cruz's 'career ending speech.'

This from a woman who chose to end her own career to become a kind of Fox News reality show.

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