Saturday, July 23, 2016

Clinton-Kaine 2016: America Has a New Dream Team

This is the reaction of the Reverend Jesse Jackson.

"America has a new Dream Team. Smart, credible, experienced. #ClintonKaine2016"

Bernie supporters are getting behind Hillary-Kaine.

"Bernie supporter here who is jazzed by Hillary/Kaine. We must defeat Trump/Pence and therefore pick our fights."

David Corn said it all on Lawrence O'Donnell last night. If Bernie supporters need Elizabeth Warren on the ticket to convince them to vote for Hillary with Donald Trump on the other ticket, it's hopeless.

"@DavidCornDC said it well: If the horror of Trump-Pence isn't enuf 2 get Bernie supporters to vote 4 Clinton, no VP pick would matter."

Michael McCord:

"I voted for Bernie and happily support Hillary. Wise to stop the Trotskyite purity tests. Keep eyes on the prize."

So there is reason to hope. Even Nina Turner wasn't too negative about Kaine. Not as negative as she usually is about everything anyway.

And Kaine has an impressive progressive track record:

"Exciting? Nah. Symbolic. Nah. But has he fought NRA, redlining, the death penalty, and for repro rights? Yes."

He is very similar to Biden. And Cecile Richards from Planned Parenthood was on Rachel Maddow to make the point that this is the most pro choice ticket in history.

Remember who's on the other: Trump who wants to punish women who have abortions and Mike Pence who wants to charge them for the fetus.

But Hillary has run as the most pro choice candidate in history. Usually Democrats run to make abortion 'Safe, legal, and rare' while she has run on just 'Safe and legal.'

More on Kaine:

"Underrated: Tim Kaine standing up to the tobacco lobby and the gun lobby as governor of a southern state."
While it's true Kaine is white, it's still quite a contrast to what Trump is offering. Ann Navarro:

"Hispanic Outreach: @HillaryClinton has Spanish-speaking do-gooder who was a missionary in Honduras; Trump has Joe Arpaio...and a taco bowl."

Ann Rice-yes the Ann Rice:

"Kaine brings civility and kindness to a national ticket. That's not business as usual right now."

Thank you. Some dismiss Hillary's talk of 'Love Trumps hate' as uninspiring. If we had an unwelcome surplus of this in our public discourse at the moment I might understand why they find it uninspiring.

It's about time we held a referendum on hate.

P.S. What I think you'll find with Kaine is the more you know about him, the more you'll like him.

Kaine's African-American ties, which don't get as much attention as his Hispanic ones:

He belongs to a predominantly black church, too.

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