Tuesday, July 26, 2016

This Time Hillary Shatters That Glass Ceiling

The Democrats have an official Presidential nominee, and her name is Hillary Clinton.

"Hillary Clinton breaks the glass ceiling."

"The former secretary of state becomes the first female presidential nominee of a major U.S. party."

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She and our nation have made history:

"Hillary Clinton made history Tuesday."

"Delegates at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia formally nominated Clinton for president, a historic moment making the former first lady the first woman in American history to be named the presidential nominee of a major political party — in the city where this nation was born — eight and four years after the first black president was elected and reelected."

"Clinton herself recognized this historic moment long ago. When she lost the nomination in 2008, she acknowledged that “we weren’t able to shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling this time,” but “thanks to you, it’s got about 18 million cracks in it.”

"This year proved to be the final blow. Clinton secured the commitment of enough delegates last month, joking to her supporters that they weren’t going to smash the glass ceiling they were all standing under. “Thanks to you, we’ve reached a milestone: the first time in our nation’s history that a woman will be a major party’s nominee,” she added.

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I know this has been a life long dream for Hillary and I'm so happy for her, and Bill and Chelsea, and all my fellow Hilary supporters. It's a great day for me as well.

I still remember that 1992 interview she and Bill did on Diane Sawyers.

I was for Bill that year, but I think even then I was dreaming of this day.

Even as a young man of 21, the idea of a strong female leader like her really impressed me. I was struck by the aspiration. While she was accused so many times of being this horrible ambitious, bitch, honestly that's part of what I admired.

What's wrong with a strong, capable woman who wants to get to the top and serve her country?

I was with her in 2008. Again, there's something about the media and her. They go after her differently than other politicians. Trivial things that wouldn't matter for anyone else become scandalous questions of 'optics' with her.

Yet what has done her and Bill well is that unlike their Republican opponents who try so hard to sully them, the Clintons understand that as Matt Ygleisas pointed out recently, people don't care about these interminable debates over process.

You know, who read what email, what went where. The deeper the GOP tries to drown us in all this the more it just becomes nothing but a dissertation over how many angels can dance together on a pin.

Here's the problem: whatever the answer is, how many angels you can get mooonwalking on your pin called Emailgate or Benghazi, at the end of the day, it won't feed one child, it won't get one America a job, or one worker a raise.

In this year, 2016, particularly I'm convinced that Hillary is the right candidate, the only candidate, who can run our country.

2016 is turning out to be the year of the female chief executive with the rise of Theresa May in Britain, the strong female First Minister in Scotland, and Angela Merkel in Germany.

2016 is the year where the best man for the job is a woman. We've had too many loud, rebel boys, I guess, who irresponsibly blow things up if it gives them some momentary political advantage, a la Nick Farrage, Boris Johnson, and David Cameron with Brexit.

Hillary is our chance not to be Britian after Brexit, or Europe and with the roiled euro economies.

A chance to finally start to come together again after these many years of cynical demagogues tearing everything apart.

It is a great day for Hillary, a great day for the Democratic party-who has now nominaed a black man and a woman in succession-and a great day for America!


  1. Congratulations Mike! Your dedicated blogging must have worked! =)

    O/T: I wonder if all those anti-TPP zealots will boo Obama when he speaks, since he's the architect? My guess: no.

  2. Yes this whole TPP thing. I'm so sick of it. None of them can even explain what's so bad about it.

    1. Unfortunately it appears to be another sacrificial goat required to get over-promised Bernie supporters on board.

      I don't know if this influences your opinion one way or the other, but I asked Sumner, and he supports it, much to Harding's displeasure.

      Now look: Trump is trying to steal Hillary's minimum wage thunder:

      Must be a play to collect some fire-bag-berners.

    2. ... in response I think that the Dems may want to address the subject of terrorism and ISIS. They can demonstrate that they're not ignoring the issue and at the same time contrast Hillary's approach and tone with Trump's nonsense and laughably ridiculous promises.

    3. Ah!!! I just heard the Dem speaker mention ISIS... in relation to selling women as sex slaves. She also mentioned the girls in Nigeria (although I didn't hear her mention Boko Haram). It's funny because she said it at almost precisely the moment I was about to write something about it here. I was thinking "This speech would be a great one to bring up ISIS in" and then she did.

    4. Senator Amy Klobuchar (MN) was her name.

    5. Madeleine Albright is doing a good job on national security, Putin and other dictators and Trump's stupidity on those subjects. She mentioned terrorism, but I still think the Dems need to take it on head on.

  3. Bill Clinton: great speaker!!... and a really great speech.

  4. Mike, Steve Berman at was impressed by Bill Clinton's speech, and although he isn't explicit about it, he contrasts it with the negativity we heard at the GOP convention: