Friday, July 22, 2016

First do no Harm

Ok. In light of the conversation in the last two posts we're having about HRC"s VP, it does look like some strong signs for Kaine.

My last post I argued against having a litmus test: either saying it must be Warren or that it must not be Kaine. There's too much at stake. Or didn't you catch the Hitler Youth meeting Trump lead last night?

And Hillary supporters like myself have wanted this too long.

I did point out that the VP sweepstakes are not usually about exciting. Even Trump listened on that one.

I mean there hasn't been an exciting choice in many years-if ever. Maybe in the days of the 19th century when the VP was from the losing ticket or something.

It is looking like it will be Kaine. When you have the last two Democratic Preisdents one who happens to be Hillary's husband, the other who just happens to be her former boss, then their support for Kaine means a lot.

"In addition to McAuliffe, President Obama and Bill Clinton have also privately or publicly expressed their support for Kaine, who was passed over for the No. 2 slot in 2008. Earlier this week, White House press secretary Josh Earnest, unprovoked, told reporters that Kaine was someone Obama believes would be a good pick for Clinton. “Senator Kaine was one of the first public officials to announce a public endorsement of Senator Obama,” he said. “Senator Kaine served as the chair of the DNC during President Obama’s first year in office, and Senator Kaine is somebody that the president deeply respects.”

"Bill Clinton, who has been deeply involved in the process, had also been pushing for two people, but ultimately “Tim is his first choice,” said a source close to the former president. “The advice he gives is much more: Here are the issues you’re going to have; here’s why you need this person. It’s more from experience.”

“Hillary Clinton would feel very compatible working with someone like Tim Kaine,” McAuliffe told POLITICO in a recent interview. “He’s a very thoughtful, quiet negotiator -- he doesn’t really care about the limelight. She’s worked with folks like Tim for years. He’s in it for the right reasons -- he didn’t jump at the chance to run for the United States Senate. He was perfectly happy to go be a university professor. He doesn’t have to do this for the big rah rah -- he can really help people. It’s unique for a lot of folks.”

"The prospect that McAuliffe would fill Kaine’s Senate seat also boosted his chances over another appealing choice to the progressive wing of the party, Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, whose seat would be filled by Republican Gov. John Kasich."

But McAuliffe said that Clinton likes Kaine’s “worker bee, gets things done” style. “He brings people in. He doesn’t say, ‘This way or the highway’ -- he tries to structure compromise,” he said.

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Let me reiterate this. I don't have a horse in this race. The only horse I have is at the top of the ticket. But I do like that Kaine is not a my way or the highway type.

You can argue that this is Hillary's mandate. In an era of crazy politics and rigid Right and Left wing camps, she's' about getting things done.

If this is Kaine's way, there's a lot to say for it. Beyond that, I have to admit: if he's good enough for President Obama and Bill Clinton, then he's good enough for me.

Having said that, Hillary has been very skilled at keeping everyone in the dark as to who it is.

The weirdest part about the Clinton VP search: every story has a top-tier of candidates that differs from every other story."

"that's actually the way to do it: 1) spread the love 2) keep it up in the air for dramatic effect."

Could the difference with Trump be any more stark?

UPDATE: Jim Clyburn likes Kaine. Clyburn is another one I trust very much:

"Clinton kept her vetting process tight among top aides such as Cheryl Mills and John Podesta. Earlier this week, South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn said he had been consulted by the Clinton campaign to discuss Kaine, as well as Labor Secretary Tom Perez and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. “I’ve had more experience with Tim Kaine than all the three,” Clyburn told reporters. “The three finalists who I understand are the three finalists ... I admire a whole lot.”

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