Friday, July 22, 2016

Where Were You When Trump Happened?

Trump and his Hitler Youth were taunting Ted Cruz for destroying his career by snubbing Trump the way he did.

It's understandable why the Trumpsters are so angry. Cruz really got him there. For once Trump was out Trumped.

Chuck Todd:

"Best/worst moment of the RNC? “I’ll pick the same moment. Ted Cruz.”

"As soon as the one controversy was finally quelled (an in-house ghostwriter for Trump Corporation, not Trump’s campaign, said she was responsible for lifting the lines), another would surface – one so dramatic it will assuredly be written in history books for decades to come."

"It was Cruz’s turn first, a set-up act for the vice-presidential nominee and a speech meant to demonstrate Republican unity after a divisive winter and spring. He delivered a speech designed to excite his Constitutional conservative supporters, keeping Republican politicos and the media hanging on every word, waiting for an endorsement. Instead, he implored he audience to “vote your conscience” and loud boos filled the arena."

"It was a shock to everyone watching to see such an audacious display of self-interest and disrespect. Trump entered his family’s box 80 feet from the stage just as tension filled the room, seemed to grimace even as he signaled with an upturned thumb that all was well. But the signature moment of the convention—not a speech, but a snub – was only one of two events that played out in rapid succession that sent the four-day spectacle of the RNC—and the Trump campaign—spiraling further into chaos."

“He’s a key voice that people listen to and it was my hope he would see how important that was and the role he could play," said Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, a staunch Cruz ally in the primary who huddled with Cruz in the moments before he took the stage pleading with him to reconsider. "But he made a decision to give the speech he gave. That's his call.”

"Trump’s team had said it would go the other way. Just a week earlier inside the lobby of the Westin hotel, Trump’s newly hired communications adviser, Jason Miller, told a group of reporters that Cruz, his former employer, would certainly be endorsing Trump. Similarly, Manafort, Trump’s top strategist, had told reporters on the convention’s opening day that Cruz would likely at least state that he would be voting for Trump in November."

"But their actions on the floor that night revealed they knew better, as they joined RNC staffers in encouraging delegates to loudly boo when Cruz left the stage. After weeks of negotiating, it was their only move."

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Of course that was the beauty of it. By encouraging delegates to boo, it gave Cruz's snub a much higher profile.

"It was a stunning penultimate chapter to a national party convention that was already high on dysfunction. The most chaotic, messy and perhaps memorable political convention in decades offered more fodder than even the countless spray-tanned TV talkers could cover from their sidewalk sets downtown. In four days of mistakes by the lake, it was inflamed war between Trump and Ted Cruz—a congressman calling the runner-up an "asshole" while Cruz's top adviser charged Chris Christie had "turned over his political testicles" in backing Trump—that really sent this weeklong GOP unification event spiraling into a vortex of grievances and division."

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The Trumpsters may say it's over for Cruz. But is this assumption based on him-God forbid-winning in November?

Cruz figures at least he'll keep his testicles. Hard to argue with that.

Brian Beutler suggests things may work out differently than the Trumpsters think.

In other news, disillusioned Republicans held an Irish Wake for their lost party.

Mary Cory Kay, former speechwriter for George H.W. Bush-the first one.

"The Republican Party I worked for ... died in this room tonight" -- Nicole Wallace, on NBC

Mary Kay responds:

"She should have gone to the "RIP, GOP" party I went to tonight."

Was this the same Irish Wake?

In the future, GOPers who didn't make cause with Trump may do better than those who did. Maybe Ted Cruz's moment will be remembered heroically.

Like Josh Marshall says, that one moment when he employed his 'awesome assholery' for the greater good.

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