Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Obama and Hillary Again Make History

What an amazing history these two have. After Obama made history in 2008, Hillary has already made history in 2016, and may make the ultimate history in November.

What is also amazing is how inspired Obama's whole theory of a Team of Rivals has proven to be.

"While Obama is hyping Clinton's qualifications, Paul Ryan is begging Trump to not be anti-Semitic."

What we are seeing with Obama campaigning for Hillary is really unprecedented in US Presidential history.

In the 1960s, rivals RFK and LBJ tore the party apart. Neither won-both would end up dead in under 10 years and they together totally undermined the party.

For some reason Al Gore chose to act like he didn't know who Bill Clinton was in 2000. He was too worried over Monica Lewinsky which was foolish. No one thought Gore had Bill's zipper problem.

Reagan didn't really campaign a lot for Bush Sr. You have to wonder seriously if he was already losing his faculties by then; Bill O'Reilly very controversially suggested in his book that Reagan's faculties were always under stress after the attempt on his life by John Hinckley in 1981.

Which led to a hilarious exchange with George Will.

Then we have Ike's famous 'endorsement' of Nixon: 'What are his contributions? If you give me a week, I may have something. I don't remember.'

So this is a truly unusual case: A popular sitting President who is happy to campaign for his successor and the successor is very happy to have campaign for her.

Overall, buck up Hillary supporters. I've chronicled the rank hypocrisy in the feeding frenzy over Emailgate.

But yesterday was a very good day for Hillary Clinton, even if this is not the narrative the Beltway wants to tell right now.

Eugene Robinson:

"Here’s what happened to Hillary Clinton on Tuesday: She learned that the FBI investigation into her emails would end without charges being filed. Her political opponents embarrassed themselves with hissy fits and tantrums. And the best campaigner in America fired up her supporters at a nationally televised rally in a crucial swing state."

That’s not a good day, it’s a great day.
Indeed. The media don't want to tell this narrative right now, but it was a great day. 
See also, this good piece by Jamelle Bouie.
You want more good news? Donald Trump is only winning red states by an average of 7 points compared to 16 percent by Mitt Romney.
Utah is the most shocking swing. Romney won that by 48 and Trump leads by an average of only 3 points. 
Does the Hillary team campaign in Utah? It would be less illogical than Trump campaigning in NY and California-which he is in fact doing. 


  1. Mike, the more I think about it, I think the whole GOP (not just Trump) is that proverbial dog chasing the bus: they wouldn't know what to do with the government if they caught it. They're much more comfortable living in the "comments section" ... stoking conspiracy theories and heckling those who actually do govern.

  2. I've argued that this is the true character of the GOP going way back. They prefer to criticize government than to run it.

    Even Nixon always felt that way.

  3. The Dems are the party of governing, the GOP is the party of opposition.

  4. Mike, hilarious:

    "You really can't make this stuff up. Before this campaign is over the entire staff of The Onion is going to be on unemployment."