Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Donald Trump is the One Who Operates Above the Law

While the GOP scrambles to try to manipulate this politicized issue for partisan gain, they are, of course, asking for a Special Prosecutor yet again-they've never gotten over Nixon.

They are coming out with wild conspiracy theories about why Comey is not calling for an indictment.

Donald Trump makes up another Urban Legend about Obama calling Comey yesterday morning. Paul Ryan also is pushing conspiracy theories and want to haul Comey before Congress.

Rand Paul claims that Hillary has been shown to be above the law.

Meanwhile, you know who really operates above the law? Donald Trump.

Think about it. While he damned Judge Curiel, the Judge has arguably been way too 'fair' to him in postponing a decision till after the election.

It's as if he's trying to insulate Trump's political prospects from any decision. But if the public has a right to know Comey's decision and factor that into their decision, it also has a right to know Curiel's before making a decision?

Americans will be forced to vote blind on November 8 without knowing whether Trump is guilty of ripping off 40,0000 regular Americans or not.

And if, God forbid, we are stupid enough to elect Trump then the chances of these regular Americans to ever have a fair day in court are little more than zero.

Meanwhile, Trump has talked about reopening Trump U after the election. He has cotinued to operate and even pitch for his business during the campaign-golf clubs anyone?

If the media cared a fig about conflict of interest-spoiler alert: they don't-they might talk about this.

"As Mr. Trump heads into the general election, the conflicts-of-interest question is big and complex. That is because the Trump Organization, which is owned solely by him, consists mostly of operating assets, as opposed to passive investments. Hundreds of business entities, including some in foreign countries, own or manage hotels, commercial and residential real estate, golf resorts and even part of the reality TV show “The Apprentice.”

“Trump’s empire would pose unprecedented conflicts of interest due to the size of its holdings, privately held nature of the family-run business, and concentration in one industry,” said Richard Painter, University of Minnesota law professor who was the White House’s chief ethics lawyer for President George W. Bush.

"A blind trust would never work in Trump’s case, because his assets are known, not blind, and children aren’t independent trustees,” he added, noting that other modern-era wealthy presidents, such as Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy, were “old-money with diversified holdings” that didn’t directly manage businesses the way Mr. Trump does.

Robert Reich on the idea that Trump is the outsider and Hillary the elitist.

"Trump is even more of an establishment figure than Hillary Clinton — inheriting a fortune from his father, spending years bribing politicians to subsidize his hotels and casinos, and repeatedly using bankruptcy to shield his money while leaving creditors and workers holding the bag."

Trump has always operated above the law and has the 3500 lawsuits to prove it. He's trying to do so in this campaign by refusing to even release his tax returns and show the level transparency that all candidates going back to Nixon have done.

Trump is less transparent, less ethical than Nixon. He would be far less accountable if he held the nuclear codes.

Will the media maybe take a break from Emailgate even for a day to do its job and call him on it?

Or are they in 2000 mode where the lies of W. Bush were less interesting than whether or not Al Gore said he invented the Internet?


  1. Check this out:

    Also he's been illegally soliciting foreign donations. Also did you see that Roger Ailes might be in some hot water?:

  2. I've written about the foreign donations and heard about Ailes on Twitter. The double payments is new for me. Thanks

  3. O/T: One of the biggest advantages that Democrats have going for them is that Republicans are more accomplished at deceiving themselves than are Democrats. For example Justin here:

    If only the polls were weighted properly! Lol... didn't Justin learn a thing from 2012?

    I think religion has something to do with this. They are taught by religious instructors to let emotionalism rule over their reason. That to do so is "good" and to not do so is "bad." Conservatives are always accusing lefties of engaging in emotionalism, and to some extent they're criticisms are warranted. However I believe the conservatives are more inclined to let their emotions screw with their reasoning powers than are liberals.

    The whole point of science is to remove (to the greatest extend possible) emotions from the reasoning process. The whole point of religion is to do exactly the opposite.

  4. Funny:

  5. Did Trump really raise 50 some million $ in June, or will he use that pay off his "loan" to his campaign? (He still hasn't demonstrated that he actually converted the loan into a contribution):

    If he ends up paying himself with those funds, what kind of chump do you have to be to give him any more?

  6. "Did Trump really raise 50 some million $ in June, or will he use that pay off his "loan" to his campaign? (He still hasn't demonstrated that he actually converted the loan into a contribution):"

    Exactly. With Trump you basically need to 'Not trust. Do verify.'