Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Bernie Praises Hillary's New Higher Education Plan

He hasn't endorsed her yet, but at least he likes her college affordability plan.

"U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders today welcomed a proposal by Secretary Hillary Clinton which combines the best features of plans that she and Sanders brought forth during the campaign to make higher education affordable for all and substantially reduces student debt."

“I want to take this opportunity to applaud Secretary Clinton for the very bold initiative she has just brought forth today for the financing of higher education. This proposal combines some of the strongest ideas she fought for during the campaign with some of the principles that I fought for. The final product is a result of the work of both campaigns."

“Let me be very clear. This proposal, when implemented, will revolutionize the funding of higher education in America, improve the economic future of our country and make life immediately better for tens of millions of people stuck with high levels of student debt.

“This proposed legislation will provide free tuition at public colleges and universities for all families in America earning $125,000 a year or less – 83 percent of our families.

“In other words, the dream of higher education in America will become a reality for all, regardless of the income of one’s family. This proposal will also provide very substantial relief for students and families carrying student debt."

“In the year 2016, we should be encouraging our people to get the best education they can, not punishing them.

“Our goal should be to have the best educated country in the world. In a highly-competitive global economy, it is insane that hundreds of thousands of bright young people are unable to afford the high cost of college and millions more leave school deeply in debt.

“I thank Secretary Clinton for introducing this proposal which, in my view, will have a profound impact on the future of our country.”

Thank you Bern. I'm glad you like it. As he says, it brings together some of his principles and her ideas together.

In other news, House Dems boo Bernie for not endorsing her yet.

"Sanders also stunned some of the Democrats in attendance when he told them that winning elections wasn't the only thing they should focus on. While they wanted to hear about how to beat Donald Trump — and how Sanders might help them win the House back — he was talking about remaking the country."

"The goal isn't to win elections, the goal is to transform America," Sanders said at one point, according to multiple lawmakers and aides in the room."

"Some Democrats booed Sanders for that line, which plays better on the campaign trail than in front of a roomful of elected officials."

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It is well deserved. Hopefully as he likes her college plan, he will do this sooner rather than later. How do you transform the country without winning elections? Bernie likes Hil's college plan. Guess where that goes if she doesn't beat Trump?

In the same dumpster as Obamacare and the civil rights of those who are not white males goes.

In still other news, Hillary's anti Trump speech in Atlantic City is getting wide praise.

Chris Cillizza:

"That was a very good and effective speech for Clinton. Laid out the blueprint -- he got rich by bilking people -- to use against Trump."

Hillary Clinton in action:

"Hillary Clinton blasted Donald Trump’s “shameful” business record in Atlantic City on Wednesday, as a faded “Trump Plaza” sign loomed in the background of the boisterous rally."

“Now this city has its share of big names on big buildings,” Clinton said. “But you and I know it was built by small businesses and the people who work to make it happen here.”

"Clinton pointed to the need for good-paying jobs and an economy that works for everyone as one reason this election is so important and highlighted the real estate mogul’s failed business ventures all bearing his name as evidence that he doesn't belong in the Oval Office, especially given his promise to do for America what he's done for his businesses."

“We're standing in front of the old Trump Plaza Casino and Hotel. Donald Trump once predicted it'll be the biggest hit yet,” Clinton said. “Now it's abandoned. You can just make out the word ‘Trump,’ where it used to be written in flashy lights. He had the letters taken down a few years ago. But his presence remains.”

Not too far from there, Clinton noted, was Trump Marina Hotel Casino. “A few years ago it was sold at a huge loss,” she said. “Just down the boardwalk is the Trump Taj Mahal. Donald once called it the eighth wonder of the world. It filed for bankruptcy in 2009. Things got so bad the new management canceled workers' health insurance and pensions

"Clinton argued that the billionaire can’t do the job for American workers and businesses. “What he did for his businesses and his workers is nothing to brag about,” she said. “In fact, it’s shameful, and every single voter in America needs to know about it so we don’t let him do to our country what he did to his businesses.”

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Yes. A very nice touch to do this right in front of his former property and put a picture behind the words on how Trump's businesses have hurt workers and enriched only himself.

Matt Yglesias:

"On the surface, Trump’s close association with Atlantic City, where several casinos once boasted his name but which has now become something of an economic disaster zone (see Nick Paumgarten’s "The Death and Life of Atlantic City" for an excellent account that has nothing to do with Trump), is a bad look."

"But Trump has a standard line of defense on this point."

"I made a lot of money in Atlantic City," he said in a Republican debate late last year. "And I'm very proud of it."

"He further notes that he personally got out of the Atlantic City casino business before it collapsed entirely, and that the collapse of Atlantic City casinos has much more to do with the spread of legal gambling to other East Coast locations than with anything particular to the Atlantic City properties."

"This all appears to be true. But the upshot of extensive reporting from Russ Buettner and Charles V. Bagli of the New York Times is that Trump made money despite the fact that his "casino business was a protracted failure" in which he "put up little of his own money, shifted personal debts to the casinos and collected millions of dollars in salary, bonuses and other payments."

As Clinton put it, “He intentionally ran up huge amounts of debt on his companies — hundreds of millions of dollars — he borrowed at high interest rates, he defaulted on those loans, didn’t pay them back, and in the end he declared bankruptcy four times.”

In other words, his business record is fraud. He made money at the expense of creditors and workers. As President he would bankrupt America like he bankrupted his businesses-and defrauded creditors and workers.

In any case, she has countered his faux populism head on.

In what’s generally regarded as his best speech of the campaign, Donald Trump lambasted Clinton as a “corrupt” candidate who “gets rich by making you poor.”

Please note, that even here, Trump stole Hillary's own line. She had already been saying that 'he got rich by making you poor.' So Trump stole her line and tried to use it against her.

"The essence of the charge is that Clinton and her husband, who hail from relatively modest origins but have been powerful politicians for decades now, have sold out the American working class to the forces of globalization. They’ve raised money for their foundation and profited personally from speaking fees, all while promoting policies that have opened up American workers to competition from foreign trade and immigration."

"Trump’s own ideas in this regard don’t make much sense and wouldn’t help many people, but it’s a fundamentally powerful frame for connecting concerns about Clinton scandals and cultural anxieties around immigration with concrete economic issues."

"The Atlantic City speech is Clinton’s best and most direct counter to this populism."

Trump, Clinton argues, “always got paid no matter how his companies performed” and proved himself to be someone with a fundamentally exploitative approach to business dealings. Contractors didn’t get paid, “and many of them went bust, but Trump walked away with millions.”

"Whatever else you may throw at her, Clinton can always fall back on a long list of initiatives promoted or enacted by herself, her husband, and Barack Obama that were aimed squarely at helping people afford health care, higher education, child care, etc."

"Trump has nothing but his businesses, and his approach to business is fundamentally zero-sum, emphasizing “winning” deals and mining the value of his brand name rather than inventing new products or creating sustainable ongoing enterprises."

With Trump, says Clinton, “it’s not about what he can build — it’s about what he can take.” She says “he didn’t just take advantage of investors; he took advantage of working people as well.”

"It’s a charge that’s particularly powerful because while Clinton can always try to pivot away from aspects of her record that she’s less proud of in favor of discussing more popular aspects of her legacy, Trump really doesn’t have much beyond his businesses. Either he can make the case that his record of taking money out of Atlantic City and running a fake university is admirable, or he has nothing at all."

Trump U and the Atlantic City casinos. That's a tough resume to run on.


  1. For the life of me, I don't understand why Bernie doesn't come out and say something like:

    "Secretary Clinton and I certainly have our differences but those pale in comparison to the disaster that a president Trump represents to this great nation. I'm formally endorsing secretary Clinton and I strongly urge all Americans who care about this country to get behind her. We need unify in the face of the horrific threat that Mr. Trump represents more than at any time in our history."

    Something like that.

    1. Indeed. It does look like-maybe-he could be getting there, maybe even before the convention.

  2. O/T: I liked this from Steve Berman:

    Basically he's saying the GOP is screwed even if the anti-Trump forces manage to unseat him at the convention. I think he's right.

  3. Mike, what's the best possible choice for Trump's VP? I don't mean from the perspective of Trump winning, but from the perspective of damaging the GOP. Is it Newt? Is it Christie? Christie would be fun only because E. Harding will then be fun to watch... but I have a feeling that Newt might even be a more devastating choice for him (and thus a good choice for the rest of us). Corker and Ernst have apparently withdrawn themselves from consideration. Of course it could still be Pence or Cotton.

  4. I think Newt and Christie are both very damaging. It's an embarrassing amount of riches for Dems.

    In a sense Newt is just symbolically embarrassing as it shows the GOP hasn't progressed a step since 1998 when he was forced out of Washington on a rail.

    Then again, it will be awful hard for them to accuse Hillary of being so corrupt with Christie around. Time for some traffic problems in DC?

  5. Corker and Ernst show that anyone who's in any way a serious person is not going to want to be on the ticket with Trump.

    Amazing that Ms. Castrator of Pigs herself is too serious for the Trump ticket. Kind of says it all

    1. It's too bad we don't have a secretary of women's issues: that would be perfect for Roger Ailes.