Friday, July 8, 2016

You Can't Eat Emails

Matt Yglesias:

"If you ever wondered how Bill Clinton had an affair with an intern and came out more popular, here’s the answer:"

The value of having incompetent enemies. This has always been the Clintons salvation.

The GOP House failed to first do no harm in their attempt to browbeat James Comey.

Why the GOP attempts to destroy the Clintons always fails, I think Yglesais gets exactly right here:

"Rather than accepting a bad news cycle or two for Hillary Clinton as a win, anything that doesn’t result in her being dragged away in chains plays as a loss. So if Comey says she was careless but not a criminal, House Republicans are going to second-guess the FBI. If Lynch accepts the FBI’s recommendation, now she’s a crook too. And the sheer weight of dozens of bogus scandals piled up over a quarter-century means any sensible person tunes it all out."

What always amazes me is the media's staying power on faux Clinton scandals. How many times can you cry wolf and the media still takes it seriously?

But the public didn't take the bait with Monica Lewinsky-the week they impeached Bill, his approval rating was at 81 percent.

But here is the real trouble with the Clinton scandals:

"After all, lost in the endless drive to gin up scandals is any sense of caring about anything that impacts the American people’s actual lives.

Thank you. It's like in the 30s. The conservatives railed against the New Deal as some unprecedented attack on the Constitution and the proper relationship between the government and the economy.

But the rejoinder was: folks can't eat the Constitution.

"Clinton is not a dynamo of charisma on the campaign trail, but she does understand that voters care more about their own problems than about politicians. That’s why she doesn’t just slam Trump for stiffing contractors and leaving small businesses holding the bag; she also rolls out a five-point plan to protect small-business owners against abuse more broadly. The hit on Trump is just the setup for a return to a larger conversation that connects to people’s problems."

"For Republicans, every hit on Clinton turns into a second- and third-order story about the political process and who turned what documents over to whom, because they feel compelled to swing for the fences even though time and again they end up striking out."

Right. It always ends up becoming some very tendentious process story of inside baseball over how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

Whatever the answer is, people are not clear why they should be so invested in it.
I enjoyed Ted Lieu's interview in Chuck Todd yesterday.  Ted Lieu  is a (D-CA). Congressman  Oversight Committee Member.

He pointed out that they receive security briefings and they use private email and take cell phones overseas.

As commentator bkmnus noted

"Maybe the House GOP should investigate why Jason Chaffetz is using a gmail account for his official correspondence instead of his secure government email account."

Speaking of Chaffetz, here is a petition for the FBI to investigate him for his own email practices with classified information.

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