Friday, July 8, 2016

The Dallas Police Department is one of the Most Progressive in the Country

Which makes for some bitter irony:

"Something people should understand nationally -- BLM & Dallas PD have respect for each other. DPD was protecting marchers. Snipers did this."

Of course, this goes both ways. The PD really worked with BLM and does some great work. But this will no doubt lead some conservatives to insist that this must be rethought.

"The first of the two impromptu statements President Obama has offered over the past two days focused on the videotaped deaths of two black men at the hands of law enforcement in Louisiana and Minnesota. While mourning their passing, Obama asked that the country reflect on how we could prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. One way, he suggested, was to implement ideas to improve relationships between the police and communities."

"Last year, we put together a task force that was comprised of civil rights activists and community leaders; but also law enforcement officials. Police captains, sheriffs," he said. "And they sat around the table, and they looked at the data and looked at best practices."

"There’s some jurisdictions out there that have adopted these recommendations," he continued. "But there are a whole bunch that have not."

"One of the jurisdictions hailed by Obama's task force was the Dallas Police Department — the same agency that the president would mourn 24 hours later after five officers were killed in a stunning attack in the city's downtown. That attack came at the tail end of a peaceful march organized to draw attention to police use of force."

And, indeed, Joe Walsh already is blaming Obama for Dallas.

"Bitter irony. Complaints against Dallas police tumbled in last 5 years since it improved its training methods."

So the good news, is that these reforms work. The bad news is that this attack could not have come at a worse place-as now you can imagine conservatives saying this is the result of having a more progressive police department.

EM Simpson puts it best:

"I don't want black men shot at traffic stops. I don't want cops shot by snipers. I don't want kids shot at school. I don't want any of this."

None of these things are good. The Right tries to create wedges between the desire to get rid of one as opposed to another.

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