Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Trump Team Tries the My Little Pony did it Too Defense

As John Podhoretz says, there are a number of reasons the plagiarism story isn't going anywhere fast.

"CLEVELAND—The plagiarism in Melania Trump’s speech last night at the convention here is an issue because a) it happened; b) the Trump people are insisting on denying that it happened, which makes all of them from Paul Manafort to Chris Christie literally look and sound like they’re in need of psychiatric intervention; c) because of their psychosis, this is going to be talked about for far longer than it would have been had someone just said the non-native-English-speaking Melania was relying on help from a speechwriter who did a bad thing and is being fired, and; d) because it’s funny.

Agreed. Another reason is that this is plagiarism we're talking about here which hits a chord with the Beltway media. In their world of journalists, reporters, and editors, this is the equivalent of calling your neighbor a child molester.

Trump''s usual ploy is to deny the obvious and lie in response.

But with the Beltway, plagiarism is different. It's the ultimate dirty word and it's destroyed candidates-Biden, 1988.

Podhoretz is right, though, that this is really funny. Just when you think it can't get any more absurd, it does. You have Christie bragging that 93 percent of her speech wasn't plagiarism.

Sure but if you only kill .00001 percent of the people you come across in your life, you're still a murderer.

But this takes the cake. The My Little Pony defense.

"Sean Spicer, the top strategist for the Republican National Committee and a consistent defender of Donald Trump, insisted while appearing on CNN today that Melania Trump couldn’t have been plagiarizing Michelle Obama because they both said things which were vaguely similar to what a My Little Pony doll once said. His exact words were: “Twilight Sparkle from ‘My Little Pony’ said: ‘This is your dream. Anything you can do in your dreams you can do now.'”

"And so now a plagiarism scandal, which could have been forgotten in a news cycle or three if it had been dealt with in an immediate and forthright manner, has instead become a story about a comically inept coverup of what they refuse to admit is a plagiarism scandal. Meanwhile, Donald Trump himself has been curiously silent about the entire incident on his infamous Twitter account."

I see. Michelle Obama must have plagiarized it from Twilight Sparkle.

"Perhaps Trump is afraid of somehow making the situation even worse by weighing in himself. But now that the Melania scandal has reached the point where Donald’s allies are using My Little Pony dolls to try to craft a coverup, it’s difficult to see how Donald himself could make this even worse by addressing it."

I don't know. Trump can always make things worse by talking. Yet his silence here is also deafening.

In other news: Paul Manafort continues to blame Melania.

While the calls are coming in for his own firing.


  1. I see. Michelle Obama must have plagiarized it from Twilight Sparkle.

    RedState says it's impossible because Twilight Sparkle said it in 2010. Over at Breitbart they're now accusing Michelle of having originally plagiarized it from Saul Alinsky. Lol.

  2. Mike, you seeing this??

  3. The proof is in the pudding. Let's see some disruption

    1. So nothing yet, eh... perhaps more confirmation bias delusions on the part of the #NeverTrump media.

      O/T: you know I hate conspiracy theories, but here's a fun one:

    2. Yes, the NeverTrumpers have cried wolf many times

    3. Sounds like a very pathetic "Ruckus":

      (UPDATED 6:26 PM ET) The chair announces 19 votes for DC for Trump. The DC delegation actually stands and announces 10 votes for Rubio, 9 votes for Kasich. The chair just declares the 19 votes for Trump. The Trump delegates cheer.

      (UPDATED 6:31PM ET) It appears that this particular protest is going to be much quieter than the previous one. Whenever a state delegation announces a total that is different from the one the chair wants, the chair just records the total they want. Thus far, no actual ruckus has been caused.

  4. O/T: Regarding Trump's predictable handling of the plagiarism scandal: that's another respect in which he reminds me of Hitler. Hitler took more and more direct control of his armed forces as the war turned against him, and he kept insisting on stupid strategies, chief among them "Never retreat!" He was warned over and over that he could avoid losing his armies if he'd allow them to withdraw, but he never would. Similar to how Trump handles problems.

  5. D.C. Delegates explain why their delegates were counted as Trump's, even though none went to Trump in their roll call:

    This is causing #NeverTrumpers at RedState to think that the RNC just stole these votes because they could. They're not aware of the D.C. delegate rules. Apparently other states had their delegates assigned to candidates properly and thus they got boos from the pro-Trump people?