Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Lincoln Weeps as GOP Officially Becomes the Party of Trump

It's official. The Party of Lincoln really has done it. They've elected a man who talks about the need to undo civil rights and make the GOP the party of embattled whiteness.

"Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., announced the 89 delegates from New York that the real estate mogul needed to clinch the nomination nearly an hour after voting began."

“It is my honor to be able to throw Donald Trump over the top in the delegate count tonight with 89 delegates,” Trump Jr. said. “Congratulations, Dad. We love you.”

"Speaking to CNN’s Dana Bash moments later, Trump Jr. called it “one of the most surreal moments” of his life to nominate his father."

“I mean it’s incredible. I mean, one of the most surreal moments of my life other than the birth of my children,” he said. “I've watched him work so hard on this and speak to so many real people who were just feeling left out and left in the dark here in New York and all over the country, and to be able to do that is just, you know, it’s historic. It’s awesome.”

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All the more surreal that his son is the one to announce it and hand him the delegates needed.

Very poignant picture by Jeet Heer:

"There have been only 28 men ever to be GOP presidential nominees. Only six will be alive. Trump will be one of those six."

"From now on, the path to the GOP nomination is through Trump. You have to win over the Trump wing of the party."

"What people aren't willing to face up to is how far-reaching the impact of Trump's take-over of the party will be."

Heer is not assuming Trump wins, he assumes he'll probably lose-as I do. His point, though is that this will change the GOP in important and meaningful ways which will only become apparent with time.

It's now officially the party of Trump.

UPDATE: Although I did just switch on to MSNBC and there is some rather interesting drama. Reince Preibus and Paul Ryan are on the podium as Reince explains how Alaska went to Trump so easily. It doesn't look especially look like 'unity.'

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  1. Are you ready for another Tom Brown fantasy Mike? How I'd love to somehow "get control" of Trump's brain now that he's wrapped up the nomination: First thing I've have him do is retreat to a well defended concrete bunker somewhere and only allow in a few news reporters. Then I'd explain to them on live television exactly how I conned the GOP, all the "tricks" I used, how incredibly easy it was because the electorate are such brain dead chumps who have zero critical thinking skills, etc. I'd explain that they have no business ever trying to use their pathetic brains the "think" with again. Then I'd end the interview by repeatedly shouting "Hail Satan!" and prepare for a giant shit storm: using all of my money and resources for the purpose of staying alive through November 8, at which point I'd relinquish control of Trump's brain back to Trump. [as an added bonus fantasy, at precisely the time of this interview I would have an army of specially trained illegal aliens plastering multiple extremely difficult to remove "Trump Chump!" bumper stickers all over every surface of the property of any of my supporters: cars, houses, boats, etc., throughout the nation]

    I could spend the rest of my life joyfully watching video footage of the astonished faces of Trump supporters, excusers, appeasers, and apologists as they passed through the stages of grief: denial, rage, bargaining, etc. Oh my non-existent God that would be fun!