Saturday, July 16, 2016

Trump Gets His 3 O'Clock AM Phone Call and Doesn't Answer

Don't get me wrong, this is tactically smart by Manafort and friends. They know Trump will do nothing but put his foot in his lying mouth so better to not have him respond at all.

Still, this is what leadership is: you need to be able to respond to a crisis effectively.

"Picture Donald Trump on a series of calls with advisors and heads of government from around the region, and inside the NATO alliance, devising a constructive response to a coup attempt in Turkey."

"Good luck."

"I’m not someone who believes you need to understand the ins and outs of the relationship between Turkey’s ruling party and the Gulen Movement, or the history of military-civilian relations in Turkey, or the details of Turkey’s role in EU policy toward refugees from Syria, to be a good President of the United States. Trump would have a lot of catching up to do as president, but so do almost all new presidents. And to be fair, despite his brash persona Trump is clearly very knowledgeable about commercial real estate development and some important aspects of corporate finance."

"But to be a good president you do need to be able to run good meetings. You need to get up to speed in a chaotic situation, talk to a bunch of people who are more knowledgeable than you but not ultimately empowered or accountable the way you are, and you need to try to steer some inherently unfavorable situations toward a non-disastrous outcome."

"From everything I know about Trump — not just his temperament and his character, but his actual ideas about politics and leadership — he simply doesn’t have what it takes."

Part of Trump's trouble is:

1. He doesn't know anything.

2. But he thinks he knows everything.

3. Ygleisas is right that you don't need to know everything as President-as if that were possible.

4. But you need to know what you don't' know and have good advisers around you. Thinking you know everything is a real barrier to this.

But Trump hands out with guys like Corey Lewandowski, Newt, Christie, etc. I haven't been impressed overall that he chooses very good advisers.

To simply have no response makes sense as Trump is such a gaffe machine.

But the President needs to be able to respond in real time to crises in an appropriate and confidence inducing way.

It’s 3 am in the morning. While not directly affecting us as a country, world leaders are supposed to react to and monitor such events as the coup attempt in Turkey and do all they can to protect their citizens. A few hours into the attempt, Hillary Clinton weighed in:

"I am following the fast-moving developments in Turkey tonight with great concern. We should all urge calm and respect for laws, institutions, and basic human rights and feedoms – and support the democratically elected civilian government. All parties should work to avoid further violence and bloodshed, and the safety of American citizens and diplomatic missions must be ensured."

"Donald Trump? Nothing."

"This tells you all you need to know about the difference between the two leaders. Hillary Clinton, after monitoring the situation for a few hours, was able to weigh in and call for the protection of our diplomats and people. The fact that Donald Trump didn’t weigh in shows that he is completely unprepared for the job and does not understand the responsibilities that come with it. The choice is clear. Hillary Clinton will protect our country. Donald Trump won’t."

Again, I think the reason he has said nothing is that his campaign team knows anything he says will be totally inappropriate and just raise more worrisome questions about his fitness for office.

As to the situation in Turkey, Trump is simply stupefied. Has nothing to say.


  1. Oh (non-existent) God!... Looks like RedState had let down their conspiritard filters after Erickson himself has dipped his toe in. To be fair, this isn't a Leon Wolf one... it's from one of their shittier writers: Kyle Foley, but still:

    I'm actually OK with speculation, with the proviso that if there's really no hard evidence, you need to cast a LOT of shade on it. But that's not how conspiritardia works.

  2. Hahaha... looks like the logo got axed:
    I'm still not sure what the red arrows are about: are they just pointing out that the sexy bits have been entirely removed now? (i.e. that is RedState is pointing that out?)