Saturday, July 16, 2016

Mike Pence None the Richer

Hopefully readers get my pun. It's from that pop group of about 14 years ago. This was Six Pence None the Richer's best song-IMO.

If you like it-please-buy it here. Then I can get the some benefit from Amazon. Still costs the same.

Or purchase something else from Amazon. It'd help your boy Mike out.

But I digress. The telethon-for this post anyway-is over.

 Trump for once has been out maneuvered and forced to eat his vegetables. He doesn't like that and has tried to back out. He tried using the Nice attacks in France to do that, and at midnight Friday morning, was still getting his staff for a way to back out.

Only fitting as Pence tried to do the same to Trump back in Indiana in early May.

Trump even today sort of razzed Pence as he formally endorsed him for VP by talking about how they tried to beat him in Indiana. That was Pence who tried to do that.

But much of the running mate introduction event was taken up by Trump's diversions into other topic. Trump segued away from Pence to question Hillary Clinton's character and hammer her over her email server — saying she "got away with murder" by escaping indictment — and rip her foreign policy, saying her policies were "directly responsible" for the creation of ISIS.

"These are crimes. These are crimes. And how she got away with it, I think I understand it, but I think a lot of people don’t," Trump said. "But I do believe, while she didn’t pay the price she should have paid, she’s going to pay that price when November 8 rolls around. She’s going to pay it at the polls."

He further segued into a discussion of his victories in the GOP primary, his allies' recent romp over the "Never Trump" movement during the writing of the convention rules and his thoughts on religion freedom before pivoting: "Alright. Back to Mike Pence."

"Trump continued speaking for 10 minutes after that, again mixing Pence praise with topics such as the economy, religious freedom and his own business record."

"Whether or not Trump is fully confident in Pence as his running mate remains a matter of contention. Just hours after the Manhattan billionaire announced his vice presidential selection Friday, the New York Times and others reported that Trump talked to his advisers late Thursday evening to question whether picking Pence was the right choice — and even fielded a final appeal from VP contender Chris Christie. Saturday morning, the podium at Trump's rally showed only his name, not the much maligned campaign logo with the interlocking letters T and P unveiled on Friday."

"But on Saturday morning, Trump tweeted that he was looking forward to introducing Pence, who was “my first choice from the start!”

Read more:

Yet another thing Trump is saying that is just plain old false.

Trump lies more than any other candidate you can think of. Yet Hillary is the liar according to the media narrative and according to some recent polls, a number in the electorate are belieivng this-which is itself a lie.
The Beltway gloats about this. But it's actually on them. Remember how most Americans in 2002 thought there was a connection between Iraq and 9/11? That wasn't true either and the media bore a lot of responsibility for that.

Anyway, while I get why Manafort and friends didn't want Christie or Gingrich-both just had so much baggage-Mike Pence will also offer a target rich environment.

Pence is conservative extremist-he is more conservative than any VP since maybe Goldwater's VP.

And Pence is not exactly fast on his feet:

"Even before Donald Trump tapped him as his running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence had been universally described as a “safe” choice—especially compared to the likes of Newt Gingrich or Chris Christie. But the National Review's Rich Lowry very succinctly explained why that reasoning might get things exactly backward:

"But Trump’s running mate will have to be extremely deft at explaining away and deflecting Trump controversies. There is no reason to believe that Pence will be good at this, and I’m guessing he won’t be. Christie (comfortable at defending anything) and especially Newt (one of the most glib politicians of the last 30 years) would be much better by this metric. They both have downsides. [...]"

"But I wouldn’t be surprised if the Trump team thinks it’s getting a safe choice in Pence and then when he inevitably has trouble defending Trump (he has never operated on this kind of national stage), it won’t look so safe anymore."

"Want to see a perfect example of what Lowry’s talking about? Watch this extraordinarily painful cut of Pence repeatedly refusing to answer George Stephanapolous when asked whether Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (which Pence signed into law last year) permitted discrimination against gays and lesbians:

"Any time Trump says something offensive, untrue, or unhinged—and that will happen, and happen often—Pence will be called upon to defend his new boss. And if his response is anything like his appearance with Stephanapolous, it’ll be a disaster."

So Pence is not fast on his feet and has a lot to defend both about Trump and his own very conservative record. Like his desire to outlaw abortion.
In this vein, Planned Parenthood trolls the selection of Pence.
Bill Palmer of DailyNewsBin speculates that maybe Trump is falsely putting out the story that Pence was not really his choice so if he loses he can blame it on Pence.
With Trump how do you rule anything out?

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