Monday, July 18, 2016

The GOP Convention: This is Not Normal Stuff

So Josh Marshall observed:

"Lock her up!" ... Really playing with fire with top speakers leading these "lock her up" chants. This is not normal stuff.

It isn't. For the last half hour, this is what the GOPers at the convention chanted.

Of course, the idea was put out there first by the mother of Sean Smith.

Trump himself has vowed to lock her up as President.

This touches on my point in the previous post: that the GOP voters are motivated by pure anger and emotion. There are no 'ideas' for them.

Trump's genius was to not bother with the ideas of the conservative intelligentsia.

I see I wasn't the only one to see raw emotion as the dominant theme:

"Trump puts dark view of America on display."

"Raw emotion rules the first day of the Republican National Convention."

"Donald Trump’s supporters painted a dark and dystopian portrait of an America in decline on Monday, as a parade of people spoke about a country slipping from their grasp, cops getting gunned down in the streets, and their family members slain by illegal immigrants."

"It was a red-meat buffet of raw emotion for an angry Republican electorate, with little talk of ideology or policy. Indeed, there were more mentions of fallen American soldiers than conservatism."

Read more:

That's what strikes me. There was no mention of policy. At all.

Maybe this is smart seeing how grim the GOP platform is this year.

But it's amazing to see a convention that doesn't talk about policy at all. The closest was when Giuliani said Trump would rip up the Iran deal on day one. Trump actually said he wouldn't do that-at least at one point he did. Not that this means anything with Trump.

But this is not normal at all.


  1. O/T: Did you see this?:

  2. Mike, have you seen this? (Melania Trump's speech vs Michelle Obama's search):

    1. Erick Erickson had this to tweet:

      It's not just that they plagiarized Michelle Obama's speech; they plagiarize the section on honesty, character, and integrity.