Monday, July 18, 2016

Giuliani's Iran Gaffe

He should have conferred with Trump before declaring that Trump would rip up the Iran deal on day one.

But, then, in a way who can blame old Rudy? It's impossible to figure out where Trump really stands on anything.

The important thing is not ideas but emotions. It's impulses, emotions, the way you feel that counts. Most of the night has been about just that. The Iran deal was that rare moment when an actual policy was touched on.

Mostly it's been about: How much GOPers hate Hillary Clinton, how evil she is, that she belongs in jail-and perhaps 'we' hope they do terrible things to her when she is in jail; after all, as bad as she is, she'd deserve it.

They also hate immigrants, Black Lives Matter, Muslims, etc. Giuliani said that one right:

Giuliani's biggest applause line, aimed at Islamic terrorists, was not in his prepared remarks: “You know who you are, and we are coming to get you.”

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Jamil Smith:

"Melania. The Republicans end a night during which immigrants were demonized by asking one to speak."

Meanwhile, Trump's view on Iraq sinks further into incoherence.

It's understandable. Trump is smart to aim for feelings. After all, anyone using logic could never vote for this GOP platform.

Trump's great insight was: forget the conservative ideas and go right to the feelings.

P.S. As Jamil Smith says, Melania has an almost impossible job tonight:

"Melania Trump was given an impossible task: make her husband sound like the serious person. I'm not sure even the crowd buys it. "

I did notice that Melania declared: Donald gets things done.

He has again lifted words and phrases right from Hillary Clinton's mouth. Imagine if the media really wanted to cover him like a serious candidate.

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