Sunday, July 3, 2016

Joe Biden's Got Hil's Back

He, like, President Obama will campaign with her next week. It's amazing to compare the parties.

Hillary has all these popular Dem leaders to campaign with her, while no one wants to be caught dead with Donald Trump.

Newt Gingrich of all people is said to be Trump's favorite for Vice President. That says it all. The best candidate for VP is someone who was run out of politics on a rail 18 years ago. The GOP is literally doubling down on their failures of the 90s.

In other news: Gingrich says Trump is 'not trying yet.' Maybe this is why Trump likes him, he's on message. Trump has claimed he won't try until after the convention.

In any case, here is Biden on Hillary and the fake email scandal:

"For Vice President Joe Biden, it is "hard to believe" that Hillary Clinton "would do anything intentionally wrong" with respect to the ongoing FBI investigation into her use of a personal email server in an official capacity as secretary of state."

"Biden told NPR's Morning Edition in an interview taped last Thursday and airing Sunday that he could not comment on whether he thinks his former Senate and White House colleague did anything wrong, with the prospect of a potential indictment still looming. The vice president, who endorsed Clinton in June after President Barack Obama and will campaign with her in his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, on Friday, reasoned that if he were to comment, it would create an unwelcome appearance."

"If I comment and tell you what I think, which is positive, then the easy accusation would be, 'Biden, as vice president, probably put pressure on one of the governing agencies to keep that from happening,'" Biden said, as political speculation swirled around the impromptu meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton on a Phoenix airport tarmac last Monday. "The president and I have kept our hands off it completely."

Biden also remarked that "she is incredibly by leaps and bounds more qualified than the other person to be the president of the United States."

"I’ve known her for 40 years, I’m a friend of hers," Biden said. "And I find it hard to believe that she would do anything intentionally wrong."

"After the interview, which a campaign aide said lasted for three and a half hours."

"Clinton told MSNBC's "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd that she had been "eager to do it" and reiterated that she “never received nor sent any material that was marked classified” using her private email account."

Read more:

Of course it was voluntary. Of course, she wanted to do it. Remember how she hit the Benghazi Inquisition out of the park.

She has nothing to hide and has been totally transparent. She released all required emails-unlike Colin Powell and Condeleeza Rice.

I think the Hillary bashers are kind of panicking. Chris Cillizza who hates to see the issue taken off the table declares 'the next two weeks are big.'

"There has long been an assumption in political circles that the FBI would need to interview Clinton and make public the findings of their investigation before the convention. The reason? If Clinton was indicted for her role in creating and maintaining her private email server, she would almost certainly be forced to leave the race. Nominating someone still under an FBI investigation seemed like a massive risk."

"Assuming that logic is right, then the next two weeks will be critical for the presidential race. The FBI won't announce anything Sunday or July 4. Which means the agency will have between July 5 and July 25 to make public its decision on the case. That's not a long time. (Side note: I think it is very unlikely the FBI would choose the Republican convention, which opens July 18, to close the investigation. If that's right, then the Justice Department has even less time.)"

"All of this is moot if the FBI finds that Clinton did nothing criminal in the email controversy. Republicans will still push it as an issue, but for most of the country it will be considered a settled matter."

Note the level of assumptions here. Cillizza and his fellow Hillary bashers assume that the FBI is going to run this in a political manner and am timing things in conjunction with the convention.

What if they aren't doing this? What if this is not a political witch hunt for them as it is for the GOP and Beltway media?

What it comes down to is Cillizza knows the issue is going away, so he's trying to milk the next two weeks for all it's worth?

Don't fall for it. They are not investigating her as they have said and they are she is not going to be indicted.

The feeding frenzy will be over soon. How will Cillizza go on with life?

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