Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Trainwreck for American Values

Say this for Thomas Perez. After watching his interview with the Chuck Todd this morning it's safe to say he wants the job of VP.

The knock on him has been that he doesn't have tremendous name recognition and that maybe he's too nice. Hillary wants an attack dog.

It's true, his name recognition is not humongous. I knew he was Obama's Labour Secretary, but I'm a political animal.

But at least there is nothing about him that would make her lose any votes. Which is one strike against Elizabeth Warren. I was very impressed by her performance on the trail with Hillary-who seemed to really enjoy it.

But Warren is a lightning rod. Many like that. But it might repel some as well Right leaning independents when Hillary has a shot at them-as they fear Trump.

 If the point of a VP is to do no harm, I can't see what harm Perez does. As he's an unknown quantity, he may not have that many who love him but he's not done enough to earn lots of enemies either.

What I was pleasantly surprised to see on Todd, is he is very capable and happy to be an attack dog. He want after 'Donald Trump' repeatedly. He pointed out Trump's miserable record on labor rights as a businessman, how he's fought against union rights in his hotels, how he is against a living wage, wants to to away with the federal minimum wage, etc.

He then finished off by saying that Trump is fundamentally, a Train-wreck for American values. It's a good slogan, actually. So Perez can throw a punch.

I think the fact that Perez is from the Labor department might be a shot in the arm in assuring workers Hillary is with them.

Todd, of course, got into the whole game of demanding religious opposition to TPP.

Perez said the trade deal does more to protect American workers and the middle class than any prior deal.

"Absolutely," Perez said on NBC's "Meet The Press" on Sunday when asked if he supported the trade deal. "Absolutely what we have done in the negotiations with Mexico and with Vietnam are I think some of the most far-reaching protections that we've seen in a labor agreement. And that's the work that I have done and I'm proud of that work we've done."

He also said Clinton would do more to crack down on bad actors in trade agreements than presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

"Secretary Clinton has been very clear that she opposes TPP," he said. "And Secretary Clinton has been very clear that she has a real plan to bring jobs back to America. She has a real plan on trade, which starts with making sure that we're tough on trade. So if China is — dumping steel or dumping aluminum, she's called for a trade prosecutor reporting directly to her."

"At the same time, he was also critical of the North American Free Trade Agreement, which was negotiated under President Bill Clinton."

"There were winners and losers in NAFTA. And that's the reality of what it was," Perez said. "And the biggest challenge that we have to learn from from NAFTA was that the provision of NAFTA said that all the other countries had to do was comply with their own laws. And if their own laws are Swiss cheese, and was the case in Mexico, well then you're not asking them to do much."

Read more:

I don't think this will necessarily matter that much. Sure, Trump might attack him for supporting TPP but with a name like Perez, Trump will probably ruin any argument he might have with some wild-eyed slur on Latinos. Maybe he'll say Perez can't be a real American as he's Latino.

Sort of like when he went off the rail yesterday and seemed to call Hillary a 'Hebe' or something.

Actually, reading between the lines, Perez would fit in perfectly with Hillary-and Richard Trumpka of the AFL-CIO.

As Warren really is anti TPP that gives Perez an advantage over her.


  1. My prediction for Trump on Perez:

    "He's Mexican, and he's proud of that, and that's great. But he knows I'm going to build a wall, so he can't help himself: he's going to be *extremely* nasty. Nasty like that little Mexican border hopping degenerate thug, Pancho Villa or that rat Speedy Gonzales... probably both relatives of Mr. Perez, so you know, it's gotta hurt about the wall and all I'm going to build one and he knows it, and his relatives the Villas and the Gonzales won't be let in, and if there already here, they'll have to go. I'm going to make sure of that! They will be sent back where they came from, and that wall is going up."

  2. That's about what it will be give or take a few details. LOL

  3. BTW, I'm not seeing this elsewhere really:

  4. Of course. These sources are probably about as good as the 'sources' that the Right used to pay for stories about Bill Clinton or the former Secret Service guy with his absurd book.

    I'd be much more surprised if Redstate or other Right wing outlets were claiming that sources said she won't be charged.

    She certainly doesn't look worried.

    1. But that's what it says:

      WATCH: Sources Tell CNN the FBI Will NOT Bring Charges In Clinton Investigation (VIDEO)

      The "NOT" did not show up in the link:

      So if you were just reading the title of the link, the "NOT" is missing. Lol.

  5. Hm. I did see the sources that there will be no charges. Which is what I expected all along.

  6. Looks like Trump's start of David tweet being traced back to an 8chan/pol/ website full of antisemitism is a reminder to TheResurgent's Steve Berman (of Jewish ancenstory) that Trump is definitely NOT qualified:

    He got a little week kneed there a couple of times last week when:

    1. His hero Dr. James Dobson of "Focus on the Family" (right wing Christian nutjob) declared Trump to be "saved" based on second hand info. Later Dobson walked that back a bit when the 2nd hand was revealed to be some nutty "prosperity gospel" gal whom the other fundy nutjobs consider to be a "heretic." Nevertheless, Dobson left the door open for Trump's conversion. Erickson and the writers at RedState never did fall for that BS from Dobson... the most charitable thing they had to say was that Dobson was getting loopy in his old age.

    2. Berman's personal friend, mentor, and fellow Jewish convert to Christian fundamentalism (Dr. Brown I believe was the name), posted some horse feces about deciding to support Trump and then pray really really really hard for him to find Jesus. It sounded like more senile Dobson thinking to me, but it made Steve weak in the knees yet again.

    So I'm glad to see him come out and more definitively re-shit can The Donald with this latest fuck up.