Sunday, July 3, 2016

The UK's Hillary Clinton

I wrote a post yesterday, that looked at the rise of a number of potential female national leaders, and suggested this is a trend year for female chief executives.

Ray Lopez left this comment:

"Yes, Sax's observation that women are getting more leadership is consistent with economist Tyler Cowen's observation in "Average is Over" that in the future the collaborative aspect of many women will be valued by society more than the 'rebel' aspect of many men."

Off topic: I also wrote a post about Cowen's larger theory in this post.

But I do think Ray's observation is on to something. The reason I celebrate the rise of the female leaders is only part due to the aspirational achievement-which is worth celebrating on its own terms.

I just happen to like the style of leadership from many of these leaders. This does not mean I like the style of all potential female leaders anymore than I like the style of all male leaders, of course.

But what I see in the Hillary Clinton style of leadership is also present from what I know of Theresa May-the favorite to succeed David Cameron right now-and Angela Merkel as well as Scotland's female First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

It's a certain small c conservatism. It's the instinct not to be a firebreather or a rebel. And honestly, I think that's a good thing for 2016. The truth is, in America, the firebreathers have burnt us out. The Ted Cruzs, the Donald Trumps, the Bernies, it's enough already.

All they do is make the possibility of governing more and more impossible.

The Hillary Clinton leadership style on the other hand seems to be based on the feminine style of mediation rather than constant sectarian war. We and the UK and many European countries need more mediation right now and less sectarian war over First Principles whether conservative or progressive.

Ezra Klein has been a Hillary basher for a long time. But after she won the primary he finally gave to her a little of her due.

He admits that she is an 'extraordinarily talented politician' who uses a feminine style of campaigning.

Here is what Theresa May says about migrants.

"Theresa May, who is one of the candidates to take over from David Cameron as U.K. prime minister, has said that cutting EU immigration to Britain will have to wait if she gets the top job."

"In an interview with the Telegraph that was published on Sunday, the current home secretary said she promises to reform the EU’s rules on “free movement,” but stopped short of saying she’ll abolish it altogether. Instead, she warned that cutting immigration numbers will “take time.”

"May said she would lay out her negotiating principles with the EU for Brexit in more detail in the coming weeks, but on immigration she said: “There is clearly no mandate for a deal that involves accepting the free movement of people as it has worked until now.”

“We must regain more control of the numbers of people who come here from Europe, and reduce the numbers that come from outside Europe too. We need immigration to be sustainable and I think net migration in the tens of thousands is sustainable, but it is going to take time.”

The important thing about May's comments here is that they are calculated to dial Brits back from the precipice, not urge them to jump off like a Trump. Bernie, or Cruz would. They wouldn't care what happens so long as they hold onto principle. If standing on principle blows things up, so be it. 

The male ideologue's instinct here would to say 'We are going to get control of our borders on day one, full stop.'

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