Friday, July 15, 2016

Everybody Should Have Trump Derangement Syndrome

If you don't, then there's something wrong with you. That's why I consider HA Goodman a disgrace.

He's trying to tell Bernie or Busters that Trump is not so bad and that it's all just Project Fear-just like the lying Brexiters did in Britain.

Interestingly how now that Brexit happened they've all slunk away with their tales between their legs.

Give them credit for realizing themselves that they are all totally unfit to run the country.

"Anyone who supports Donald Trump is a traitor to the American idea."

"Damn all the people who will vote for him, and damn any progressives who sit this one out because Hillary Rodham Clinton is wrong on this issue or that one. Damn all the people who are suggesting they do that. And damn all members of the media who treat this dangerous fluke of a campaign as being in any way business as usual. Any support for He, Trump is, at this point, an act of moral cowardice. Anyone who supports him, or runs with him, or enables his victory, or even speaks well of him, is a traitor to the American idea."

Amen. This applies to the Bernie or Busters claiming Trump is a racist but still, he's not so bad. You know, Hillary is a Social Fascist.

Which brings me to Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Call me crazy, but I don't see RBG as an existential threat to the judicial system. I see Donald Trump as such. I'm relieved to know she has Trump Derangement Syndrome like Pierce says, everyone should. .

"Now that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has taken herself to the woodshed, it’s worth asking what her brief bout of Trump Derangement Syndrome says about our system’s ability to withstand four years of a Trump presidency."

"Short answer: It is not a good omen."

"As the idea of a President Trump has evolved from laughable to unlikely to oh-my-god-this-might-actually-happen, a debate has raged in Washington."

"The debate is not over the man’s fitness for office — few people privately will make the case that Donald Trump is qualified or temperamentally suitable to be commander in chief — but over how much damage he might do."

"Some say that Trump could be more disruptive than any previous leader, including propelling the nation toward fascism."

You can quibble what 'fascism' means but it's not a distinction that is at all germane. He most certainly will weaken our rule of law-the question is whether or not he could end it. He will certainly give it a real try and Im not interested in this particular natural experiment. 
 It just suggests you don't have Trump Derangement Syndrome which I find just a little bit deranged. 
My worry are those who seem not to have it. What the conventional wisdom on RBG seems to be is that sure, she has TDS, but she should conceal it in public. That in no way makes the Trump threat less severe in my mind. 
And interestingly, a ThingProgess post argues that in a way, when Justices play the 'I have no politcal beliefs' game it can be a negative thing. If the public really does believe that the Court is wholly above politics, it actually enables Justices to act out on their own politics with the false veneer of being above it all.
For I don't know what planet those who think RBG just hurt the  SJC are on right now. This is a Court that has recently given us Citizen's United and struck down Clause 4 of the Voting Rights Act. In 2000 they coronated George W. Bush based on politics. Some claim that they were less blatant than RBG was-though I think Sandra Day O'Connor was pretty blatant. 
But even if they were, did that make it any more egregious, or a the W years any less awful?


  1. I'm proudly afflicted with TDS. =)

  2. Amen brother. I have a kind of sequel to this piece.

    There is no anti alarmist case for a Trump Presidency

  3. Mike, Jason Taylor is the best TheResurgent author. He's not afraid to be un-PC with common conservative tropes: he tells it like it is: The GOP was taken over by FAR right extremists (you should see the push back he gets for that wording on their facebook page... the conservative purists like to see themselves as the far right, and everyone else is a fake phony liberal to the left of them somewhere). Anyway, he's the "Bob Bennett" of TheResurgent (or as close to it as they have). He calls out the Tea Party here for their phony BS and points out their hypocrisy towards Obama:

    He even make your point against the Bernie die hard dead enders like H.A. Goodman: he tells them to grow up and vote for Hillary: She can do the job and Trump would be a disaster.

    Well here's what he says on that score:

    By the way, to Senator Sanders’ disappointed followers who cannot yet see any way they could ever vote for HRC, allow me to repeat something I think you already know; a vote for the Greens or the Libertarians may make you feel good — and certainly some of what their candidates advocate makes sense — but the actual result is less likely to be the furtherance of a “political revolution” and more likely to be a vote that will warm the heart of Donald Trump and encourage the kind of ugliness he panders to, if not, in fact, landing this vile creature in the White House. I respectfully submit there’s an important difference between the two candidates with a realistic chance to win in November. You don’t have to love Hillary. You don’t even have to like Hillary. You may not trust Hillary. But, she can do the job. Trump can’t.

  4. Replies
    1. I especially like that final bit:

      You don’t have to love Hillary. You don’t even have to like Hillary. You may not trust Hillary. But, she can do the job. Trump can’t.

      That should be directed both at Bernie dead enders and Republicans with a sense of decency (and a brain). It's perfect for the Hillary skeptic. It's a slap in the face telling them "Fine, be a skeptic, but LOOK at what's in front of your face! Don't draw a false equivalence where none exists... WAKE UP!"

  5. Yes. I mean isn't the issue of whether you like her or not at this point rather trivial?

    1. What's an example of a politician you don't like that you'd rather have in the WH other than Trump?