Friday, July 15, 2016

Banned by HA Goodman

I am now banned by HA Goodman. I'd long been banned by Bernie or Busters Seth Abramson and Shaun King.

I wear it like a bade of honor. Why did he ban me? I made a few comments:

"See you're even talking like Trump. You think Trump is just the KKK's version of Noam Chomsky?" …

"You see zero percent of Black people are voting Trump. That should tell you something." … …

"If you ever were a progressive you've allowed yourself to get sidetracked into Hillary hating and nothing more now." …

Then a friend on Twitter pointed out he'd blocked me:

"HA's tweet is "unavailable?" Looks like someone else has skin as thin as tissue paper.Drumpf's."

I replied: "HA should be ashamed of himself claiming to be a progressive and telling people on Youtube Trump is the 'lesser of two evils'

He really should. I mean this is our Hitler moment and he's playing the 'But the Social Democrats are Social Fascists' game.

I saw some Bernie or Busters recently complain: aren't we Hillary supporters hypocrites for choosing Hillary and now accepting some major sops to Bernie in the platform? Some claim that we are somehow guilty of a 'cult of personality.'

The short answer: of course not.

This is what many of us had said all along. It was never about whether to achieve certain progressive goals but how.

I had argued all along that it's a process issue for me with Bernie more than an ideological one. Just saw Hillary as a better candidate and someone better able to be President on day one.
So in a way you could call that 'personal' but a choice for President is never just about ideology or a progressive beauty contest.

But aren't the Bernie or Busters showing that for them it's all a 'cult of personality' on their side? After all, we have the language for free tuition, the public option, and a $15 minimum wage and yet someone like HA can tell you that Trump is the lesser of two evils though he wants to eliminate the federal minimum wage, Obamacare, and get rid of Dodd-Frank.

Are HA and friends unaware of this or do they just not care? 

Do they care about what a Donald Trump Presidency would mean for Hispanics, Muslims, or voting rights for many minorities in the country, or does he just not care?

He has actually said in his YouTube video that 'Sure Trump is a racist but he's also the lesser of two evils.'

But they are showing that they are just about a cult of personality. I'm happy to be banned by HA as he really should be ashamed of himself.

It's ok to believe that Bernie was better than Hillary. Some progressives believed that.

But to claim that she is the worst candidate in the history of the world is absurd. To actually suggest that people should not be afraid of a Trump Presidency as Goodman does is indefensible.


  1. I think it's more a cult of anti-personality. They have a case of terminal Hillary Derangement Syndrome that's as bad or worse than the most rabid Mark Levin listening, David Horowitz reading, tin-foil cap wearing, Breitbart comments section right wing lunatic nutjob.

  2. Good for you Mike: I'm happy you got under that Stalinist's skin (Stalinist in the sense of "But the Social Democrats are Social Fascists" game).

    1. The human species hasn't gotten any smarter since 1932 really. We still have the same dopey arguments... the same willingness to look the other way when the facts are staring us in the face.

    2. Yes I wear that particular ban like a 'badge of honor' to quote Dan Quayle. Who know I'd get the chance to do that?

  3. It's been interesting how the Hilary haters on the Left have adopted so much of what has been on the Right for years.

    They even were even laughing about what Rush Limbaugh says about Chelsea Clinton.

  4. What Rush says about her looks-he's been saying this since she was 13

  5. That I've seen, Abramson has written repeatedly that he's voting for Hillary and has never been #BernieOrBust. Where are you getting your info on that?

  6. I didn't say Abramson is Bernie or Bust. I said I was banned by him-this was before the end of the primary

  7. "I'd long been banned by Bernie or Busters Seth Abramson and Shaun King." (from your post above)