Wednesday, July 13, 2016

And Yet They Say Hillary is Dishonest

If I'm a little bearish on my fellow voters today it's because according to some polls today more Ameircans consider Donald Trump honest and trustworthy than Hillary Clinton.

Ironic as she has been the most factually honest candidate in 2016 and Trump has been the least according to Politifact and other fact checkers.

Just in case you need more documentation of how dishonest Trump is:

"One of Donald Trump's top policy advisers and co-campaign chairmen on Wednesday struggled to substantiate the presumptive Republican nominee's claim at a rally the previous night that "some people [have asked] for a moment of silence" for the Dallas gunman who killed five police officers last week."

"Well, I have seen it reported that we have seen some very interesting moments in dealing with this tragedy," Sam Clovis told CNN's Chris Cuomo during an interview on "New Day."

"Cuomo preceded his line of questioning by remarking that it is similar to months ago when Trump claimed to have seen Muslims celebrating in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, asking Clovis if he could elucidate the details of what Trump was referring to Tuesday night in Westfield, Indiana."

"But calling for a moment of silence?" Cuomo pressed.

"Well, it depends on the context, I guess, Chris," Clovis responded. "And frankly, I've had my nose buried in other issues. I'm not dodging your question."

Cuomo was not buying it.

"Sam, you're dodging it. You're dodging it. You're doing it artfully, but you're dodging it," the anchor remarked, as Clovis denied that he was doing so. "Context, my eye. Either you've seen they were calling for a moment of silence or you haven't."

"I personally have not," Clovis acknowledged. "I've seen moments where I've seen in some of these demonstrations, I've seen there's a reverence paid to the shooter that is really startling. I think that is -- when you have a person who purposefully and with intent murders five police officers, that's terrible, and I don't think you should celebrate that in any way shape or form."

Read more:

You shouldn't. And for this reason, no one did.

Nick Confessore argues that Trump is about angry whites raging against the dying of the night-the white privileged night that is.

"The chant erupts in a college auditorium in Washington, as admirers of a conservative internet personality shout down a black protester. It echoes around the gym of a central Iowa high school, as white students taunt the Hispanic fans and players of a rival team. It is hollered by a lone motorcyclist, as he tears out of a Kansas gas station after an argument with a Hispanic man and his Muslim friend."




"In countless collisions of color and creed, Donald J. Trump’s name evokes an easily understood message of racial hostility. Defying modern conventions of political civility and language, Mr. Trump has breached the boundaries that have long constrained Americans’ public discussion of race."

For more on the Trump supporter, a very interesting New Yorker piece.

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