Monday, August 1, 2016

Warren Buffett is Another Real Billionaire Who Doesn't Like Donald Trump

We saw how angry The Donald got after Bloomberg called him out for being unfit for office.

Trump removed all doubt by threatening to hit the former NYC mayor so hard his head will spin.

Then we have Mark Cuban's burns.

Real Billionaires don't like fake billionaires, evidently. Buffett proves this maxim again today in Nebraska-HRC actually has a shot in Nebraska!

"Buffett — the wealthiest of these three men — dragged Trump on Monday by focusing on the 1995 public offering of Trump’s Hotels & Resorts (ticker symbol: DJT, of course)."

"Buffett described what happened after the IPO:

“The next ten years, the company loses money every year. Every single year. He takes out $44 million in compensation during that period. If you, in 1995, when he offered this company, if a monkey had thrown a dart at the stock page, the monkey on average would have made 150%. But the people that believed in him, that listened to his siren song, came away losing well over 90 cents on the dollar. They got back less than a dime.”

“I don’t know another businessman that brags about his bankruptcies,” Buffett added, in reference to Trump’s past self-praise for his own ‘tremendous’ use of bankruptcy. “You know, to tell you the truth, why not? I mean, it’s his claim to stardom.”

"Clinton, like Trump’s opponents in the Republican primary, has sought to use Trump’s business record against him, painting him as a fraud whose success is more reality television than business reality. It’s been a hard case to make because Trump seems so rich. With that big jet and all those marble-covered homes, how unsuccessful could he be?"

"It’s a complex argument to make, and the best people to make it are people who are unambiguously more successful than Trump."

"I expect to see Hillary’s billionaires on the campaign trail a lot over the next three months, arguing that Trump isn’t even good at business."


The key is that Trump's whole rationale is that you should vote for him because he's a very successful businessman and billionaire. So show the swing voters in Ohio, PA, and Florida this is not the case. In truth Trump just got lucky in life and thought he hit a triple.

Buffett also will do his part to get out the vote in Nebraska.

"Warren Buffett has long been one of the most prominent billionaires in Hillary Clinton’s corner, having endorsed her early on in the 2016 election cycle under the premise that he wants Wall Street to be reformed and he thinks he thinks his own taxes are too low. But now Buffett is putting his money (and his car) where his mouth is, promising to personally give voters rides to the polls on election day, and launching a website encouraging others to sign up to do the same."

"Buffett’s new site is called Drive2Vote, and while he’s clearly supporting Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in the 2016 election, his site has been set up so that anyone can sign up to either offer a ride or receive a ride to their polling place on election day without needing to specify who they might be voting for. He appears to believe that simply by making it easier for all voters to get to the polls, including those who are too financially disadvantaged or physically infirm to be able to transport themselves, the voting public will end up making smart choices. He’s also offering to personally drive people to the polls in his hometown of Omaha, by way of setting an example for others to do the same."

He also calls for Trump to release his taxes.

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