Friday, August 19, 2016

Comparing Trump's Campaign to Hillary's is Devastating for Him

Kevin M. Kruse on the Trump Pivot:

"I lashed out angrily only due to the pressure on me" isn't a great case to make when asking for the nuclear codes."
Good point by Ezra Klein.

"Compare the organization he's running, and the campaign staff he's hired, to the one Clinton is running. It's devastating."

Matt Ygleisas:

"Donald Trump just ditched his campaign manager because he’s a media celebrity, not a real businessman"

"Friday morning, Donald Trump’s campaign officially acknowledged the resignation of campaign chair Paul Manafort, the most conventional political operative in Trump’s orbit, as part of a larger shakeup of the campaign staff. A shakeup, of course, is exactly what establishment Republican figures have been dreaming of for weeks if not months. But they’re not going to get the one they wanted. Instead of trying to reinvent himself as a more generic, more conventional GOP figure who can take advantage of Hillary Clinton’s own unpopularity, Trump is opting for the self-flattering theory that what’s needed is to let Trump be Trump."

"What’s telling, however, is that what that means in specific detail is surrounding himself with media personalities. New campaign CEO Stephen Bannon and new campaign adviser Roger Ailes aren’t business titans who are promising to help Trump come to Washington, roll up his sleeves, and solve problems with some good old-fashioned private sector knowhow."

"Indeed, more and more American business leaders are coming out against Trump. Earlier this week, former General Motors CEO Daniel Akerson made a splash with an op-ed saying he’d voted for every Republican presidential candidate in his lifetime but would make an exception for Trump."

"Instead, as Trump aims to become the Trumpiest Trump that he can be, he’s increasingly surrounding himself with media figures. Bannon is the impresario behind the Breitbart.comfamily of websites, and Ailes transformed the media landscape forever with his stewardship of Fox News until being deposed amid allegations of massive abuse of female employees."

"It’s hard to imagine today, but thinking back to a year ago you might have thought an outsider Trump campaign would feature an all-star group of business leaders promising to put their heads together to fix what’s ailing America. Tom Barrack and Peter Thiel in roles more substantive than convention speaker. Turnaround artists Carl Icahn and Sam Zell. Brash outsider Mark Cuban. Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina from the technology world. It might have been a total disaster, but it would have been something. But instead of a business all-star team, Trump is giving us retreats from far-right media."

"It all comes as a reminder of a fundamental truth of this campaign: Trump isn’t really a businessman in the conventional sense anymore, and hasn’t been for some time. He’s a television star."

Comparatively there is Hillary's campaign, that Yglesias admits is surprisingly all about 'No Drama Hillary.'

So while Trump was running as a genius of 'good management', his campaign tells the truth. He doesn't look like he could organize a hot dog stand while Hillary is running a well oiled machine.


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