Friday, August 26, 2016

Yep, the Media Got Rolled on Immigration by Trump

This was something I've been warning since that meeting Trump has with the Hispanic GOPers last Saturday night.

Basically the media immediately assumed the best of Trump. He'd come out with some very wild and harsh policies which he had reported daily for 14 months. But now, based on some very vague second hand sources at the meeting the media declared Trump pivoted.

Then a few days later Trump announced he was 'softening.' The media swooned even more. After all:

1. He said he was 'regretful.'

2. He listened to some people at a GOP meeting in front of Hispanic Republicans who are already voting for him.

3. He used the word 'softening.'

4. He also used the words 'back taxes.'

So there you go. Trump is certainly not going to do mass deportations.

The media didn't worry about the fact that as Matt Yglesias pointed out, Trump's website hadn't edited his immigration policy.

Greg Sargent rightly called on the media to ask if there is a path to legalization without going back to the home country first.

Last night Anderson Cooper did just that.

Anderson Cooper: So if they haven’t committed a crime is there going to be a path to legalization? I’m talking about citizenship.

Donald Trump: No there’s not a path to legalization unless people leave the country if they come back in and then they have to start paying taxes but there is no path to legalization unless they leave the country and come back."

Exactly. So touchback amnesty. Now the media is saying he flipflopped from the flipflop. No. He never flipflopped to begin with. Saying they have to 'pay back taxes' is consistent with touchback amnesty.

In this, Jeb was smarter than the press.

"Jeb Bush Says He's Not Buying The Trump Immigration Shift"

Max Boot offers a decent guide to judging Trump:

"I've given up trying to figure out Trump's position on immigration. He got where he is by peddling xenophobic hatred. Details don't matter"

I just don't see how the media justifies giving Trump the benefit of the doubt after 14 months of this.

There is zero reason to give Trump benefit of doubt on expedited path to legal status for those who leave:

"Trump told CNN he'd stick with "existing law." That forecloses meaningful path to legalization after leaving."

There has been a fair amount of talk of how Trump has changed how the media most cover this race. First and foremost is: he is never to be given the benefit of the doubt on anything.
If he says it's Friday, I want a second opinion.


  1. I agree that Trump should never be given the benefit of the doubt, but I don't mind the flip-flop-flip-flop-flip-flop-flip-flop narrative: it just points out (like in my proposed new definition for the word "cuck" I left on Sumner's site) that Trump cannot be trusted on ANYTHING outside of the assurance that he will continue his feeble attempts at self-aggrandizement. That's what's at his core and in fact all that's at his core.

    O/T: I thought this was rather huge: from RedState writer streiff (who is solidly #NeverTrump, but exhibits the worst signs of Hillary Derangement Syndrome of any of the other frequent contributors there):

    These are the kind of people [Paul LePage] that will inhabit a Donald Trump administration. And they are why I actually fear a Trump win more than a Hillary win. I experienced the psychic drain of defending a GOP president who was not not making the best decision... that would be George Bush during his second term. And we all paid a helluva price for even being associated with him in 2006 and again in 2009. And George Bush was a smart, sane, and genuinely nice human being. Trump is none of those things. The price we will pay for being lumped together with Trump will quite possibly reduce the nation to one-party rule for a generation.


    Wow!... so even streiff prefers Hillary win. I never thought I'd see him write that. He was the last to give up on voting for Trump there, but to actually put into text, on the record, as preferring a win by HRC is new ground.

  2. O/T: I just noticed a striking resemblance between Paul LePage and Joe Arpaio. Separated at birth? =)

  3. O/T: One of the things I'd like to see Hillary or one of her prominent surrogates address (and maybe they already have... perhaps she mentioned this during her Alt-Right speech yesterday ... I have yet to see the whole thing), and that is that Trump seems to have a *EXTREMELY* difficult time turning away support from anybody. For example this clown. Hillary should bring that up and say how dangerous that is regarding malevolent foreign leaders who can gain an advantage on us and our REAL allies by simply stroking Trump's hugely inflated, yet always red-raw-bruised-and-aching-for- attention ego. So Trump will overlook *everything* else if you simply praise him? Think if a mother was like that in regards to her kids... the organ harvester tells her how pretty she is and then asks if she'll sell her kids to her. Extreme example, I know, but it gets the point across don't you think?

  4. Jennifer Rubin:
    Clinton nails it: Trump is an unhinged racist