Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Clinton Foundation Fights AIDS and Poverty: What's the Trump Organization Done?

Trump has said many vile things. But his attacks on the Clinton Foundation are extremely ugly when you consider the source. This is a guy who has ripped off every business partner and donor he's ever had.

He is currently being sued by 40,000 Trump U victims. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. We keep hearing-with zero evidence-that Hillary is always 'cutting corners.'

These words are weasel words. Basically they mean nothing. With Clinton scandals the press always says 'Ok, no laws were broken but it's still the biggest scandal in American history.'

"But the simple fact is nothing close to that has been uncovered."

"Look, if someone in power is selling favors, that's a big problem. It's fully worthy of being investigated by the press."

"And yet, there is a particular way a "Clinton scandal" is covered that skips over "evidence of impropriety" & goes right to "corruption"

This is the way the media has always covered Clinton scandals. A rush to judgment and totally glossing over the fact that nothing has actually been found wrong. The next weasel words are 'Yes, but optics.'

You might as well just say 'Perception is reality' ie, 'We Clinton haters perceive they did something truly awful. Ok the facts do't really show this but facts don't matter, our perceptions do.'

Yesterday, James Carville in his inimitable way warned that if the Clinton Foundation is shutdown, 'People are going to die.'

He also said that there's a special place in hell for those who are trying to shut it down. Amen. They talk about the CF as if it's Trump U or something. The truth is the org does a lot of good in the world.

Now some say why can't someone else other than the Clntons do it. So is the standard then that politicians must never do philanthropy?

And this ignores that leveraging the Clinton name is a big part of how it raises money. Yes, people are more likely to donate to the Clinton Foundation than the Joe Schmo Foundation.

From the stand point of the recipients this is a feature not a bug.

"Based on the frothy headlines, you might think the Clinton Foundation is some kind of illicit front company or sketchy offshore bank. Donald Trump wants to shut it down. The FBI has reportedly considered investigating it. A never-ending stream of once-private Hillary Clinton emails reveals donors to the foundation seeking special government favors when she was secretary of state."

In other words, you'd think the CF is Trump U.

"In reality, the Clinton Foundation is a high-visibility charity that operates in Africa, Haiti and other downtrodden places and gets good marks for many of its programs. “Generally, they’re well respected and thought of as being effective,” says Chuck McLean, senior research fellow for Guidestar, which gathers and publishes data on nonprofits. “I haven’t heard anything like they’re squandering money or they’re ineffectual.”

"Some charities draw criticism for spending too much donor money on salaries or perks for staff. The United Way once had a CEO convicted of fraud for essentially stealing the group’s money. Even the American Red Cross has been hammered for a lack of accountability over the use of $500 million donated to help Haiti after a devastating 2010 earthquake. Those sorts of allegations don’t generally surround the Clinton nonprofit, officially known as the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation."

"The group’s main problem, rather, is the appearance that some wealthy donors, including corporations and foreign governments, give money to the foundation in the hope of getting favors from the U.S. government in return. And the only reason this is an issue is that, while Bill Clinton has been a private citizen since leaving the White House in 2001, his wife Hillary has been a high-ranking government official most of that time—first as a New York senator, then as America’s top diplomat. If she is elected president, donors to the Clinton Foundation could be construed as seeking influence with one of the most powerful people in the world."

This is why Carville's point is not mere hyperbole.

You know what's missing in the Clinton Foundation conspiracy stories? Actual examples of favors done."

"It’s amazing that we’ve reached this point in the 2016 race — but not unexpected. A foundation that does vital work across the globe is now under vicious assault for purely political purposes."

"Once upon a time, Republicans sang the Clintons’ praises for their charitable work and happily donated to their causes, but now that’s just a hazy memory. The GOP and national media are conducting a frenzied attack against the Clinton Foundation in the hopes of derailing Hillary’s presidential campaign."

This is why Carville is right. The CF is under assault for purely political purposes.

"The 2016 election is not a replay of 2012 (the data election); it is not a replay of 2008 (the dueling histories election); it is a replay of 2004 (the swift boat election). The well-coordinated assault on the Clinton Foundation, the pillar of the Clintons’ many achievements, is analogous to the brazen assault on the pillar of John Kerry’s career, his decorated military service. … swiftboating is an intricate interplay between the conservative oppo/attack infrastructure and the mainstream media."

The Clinton Foundation is the equivalent of Swift Boat. It's classic Karl Rove where you strength-in Kerry's case is military service and heroism; in Hillary's the wonderful and vital CF work-is turned into your weakness.

It's not likely to work in this case. Kerry-Bush was a very close race where Bush had the advantages of incumbency. This race looks like it won't be close. Romney and Obama was not that close-the final electoral college margin was a near landslide and that was with a unified GOP behind Romney.

So this will be worse. But the attempt to use to destroy an organization that does so much good for so many people for political purposes is truly despicable.

If there is not a place in Hell for such people what's the use in Hell?


  1. If you didn't see yesterday's Hardball when Chris had the panel on which included blonde Emily's list pro-HRC lady (left), cute brunette lady reporter w/ unpronounceable last name (Pzzxysxz ... or something like that, Lol) (middle) and I believe Michael Steele on the right, when he drills into the CF a little bit, but then takes a break and says "My nephew (or son, or some other relative) worked for the CF for a while and they are a great organization [...he then proceeds to say exactly why they are a great organization]) and then brings up the fact that ***ALL*** politicians meet with big donors! Nothing illegal or even strange about that, -- well, if you haven't seen it, you should. It will annoy you at first (given Chris's initial aggressiveness about the CF), but everything he says later in the segment completely undoes all that aggressiveness at the start. He makes some excellent points.

  2. Also, this is a good one from RedSate. I can't tweet it now, but I thought I'd bring it to your attention:

  3. Cool. I've got that saved on DVR


  5. Eric Trump explains why it would be foolish for his dad to release his taxes. I can't listen to it now, but I'm sure it's full of excellent reasons:

    1. I'm going to take a guess though: because if he released his tax returns, his radiant honestly would make Hillary look terrible in comparison, and frankly, those kind of below the belt tactics are beneath the dignity of his father.

  6. Mike, the background photo here caught my eye: it turns out it's Barbara Streisand's estate (based on the name of the jpg) which is in Malibu, but if you were to erase all the mansions, gardens, streets, improvements and trees it would look like the bluffs outside my back gate (about a 1/4 mile walk through an undeveloped county park full of head-high dried out "weeds" (fennel, mustard, etc) of various kinds). That's my nightly walk, only 1000x less glamorous.

    1. ... except it's not that green. That green only last a few months in the late winter and early spring. Most of the time it's brown.