Sunday, August 21, 2016

Trump Keeps Soliciting Foreign Donations

This man continues to commit impeachable offenses as a Presidential candidate forget about being President.

"Trump Could End Up In Prison As He Continues To Solicit Illegal Foreign Donations."

"Calls for a full Justice Department investigation into the Trump campaign are growing as the Republican nominee continues to illegally solicit foreign donations."

As for fundraising, Hillary beat Trump out again.

"Donald Trump has picked up his fundraising game but not enough to catch up to challenger Hillary Clinton."

"The Republican presidential candidate raised $36.6 million in July, according to newly released filings to the Federal Election Commission. But that is $16 million less than Clinton for the month."

"When fundraising by national parties and the super PACs backing the respective candidates are added to the total, team Clinton far outpaces team Trump."

"The Democratic National Committee, Clinton and the super PAC backing Clinton, Priorities USA, raised a total of $94.5 million last month."

"In comparison, the Republican National Committee, Trump and two super PACs backing Trump, brought in just two-thirds of the Democrats' total: $68.3 million in July."

"In addition to raising more, team Democrat spent more than team GOP: $79 million to $39 million."

"Trump doesn't have much to spend money on. He has not built out a ground game in critical battle ground states, has yet to open a significant number of field offices and doesn't believe in data operations. He just went on the air with his first television advertisements this week with a $4 million ad buy in four states, which was not accounted for in the July numbers."

"The $18 million Trump did spend in July, compared to Clinton's $38 million, went mostly to staff payroll at his New York headquarters (as opposed to out in the field) and consultants. A digital company called Giles-Parscale received a massive portion of Trump's campaign cash. He spent just over $8 million - nearly half of his July expenditures - on the firm that he has employed for his businesses since 2011."

"Trump also spent nearly $1 million on Trump businesses, including his airline Tag Air."

He spend all this on his own businesses yet Hillary is the one who supposedly is guilty of conflict of interest. I maintain it's absurd that Hillary is not to be trusted based on a philanthropic organization.

He claims he's going to end all special favors and double dealing. Then you see stuff like this all the time:

"Very curious how a small web development company in Texas with no political experience billed Trump 8 + million in one month."

There's literally a $64,000 question in Trump's FEC report. Why was his AL state director paid that much--in July?"

Guess who's still being paid by Donald Trump?

"Corey Lewandowski, via his firm Green Monster Consulting, is still being paid by Donald Trump. He made $20k in July."

"The Trump campaign has paid out $7.7 million to Trump's companies."

In some good news, Hillary breaks out with small donors.

"Clinton campaign makes inroads with small donors."

"For the first time in July, more than half of her fundraising haul came in checks under $200."

"Hillary Clinton's campaign grew its war chest in July thanks to its best-yet fundraising month, even after continuing to accelerate its spending."

"The campaign ended July with $58.5 million on hand, up from $44.4 million on June 30, according to its report released by the Federal Election Commission on Saturday. Its $52.3 million raised and $38.2 million spent were both the highest of any month this cycle."

"Much of the fundraising strength was, for the first time, on the back of small donors, with whom Clinton fared much better as she clinched the Democratic nomination. Fully 58 percent of the July haul came in checks of less than $200, compared with just 31 percent across the cycle."

"About $12.8 million of the small-dollar contributions came through the Hillary Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee with the Democratic National Committee and state parties."

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Though I will say this: I think large donations have gotten a bad rap lately. If I could afford to be, I'd be a big donor for Hillary.

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