Monday, August 29, 2016

Trump is Going to Give a Big Immigration Speech Or is He?

I honestly don't get how you take anything Donald Trump says at face value. I mean how does he get any benefit of the doubt?

Of course, the Hillary Rules mean she gets none.

As for Trump if he says it's Monday, I want a second opinion and won't trust his notarized word as he'd probably just have Harold Bornstein do it.

Lately Trump has been trying to make his stance on immigration ambiguous although at this point he hasn't changed a thing. He was always for 'touchback amnesty' if he was for amnesty at all; that's always been spotty.

'We have to send them back and after, maybe the good ones can come back. We'll have to see.'

But now he has been able to convince the media that he's pivoted by using the word 'softening.' So etch that sketch. Everything that he's now said for 14 months is gone. We can only believe what Donald Trump says to us today.

If he contradicts what he's said in the past then we have no grounds to wonder which is the real Trump position. Nope. We just brightly declare that Trump has 'pivoted.'

Donald Trump on Sunday announced he would make a "major speech" on immigration in Arizona Wednesday.

"The announcement, which was made on Twitter, comes after a week of differing statements about immigration, Trump's signature campaign policy, and whether he would deport all of the nation's estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants."

"Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said on Sunday's "Meet the Press" that Trump would be clarifying is position on immigration soon, but did not name a date."

Sure sometime he's going to give a big immigration speech. We've heard this before. Last week he was supposed to give one in Colorado, then abruptly cancelled it.

As for Wednesday's alleged immigration speech, he's already cancelled that once. Trump claiming he will clarify his position on immigration or anything else is worth as much as Donald Trump telling a vendor his check is in the mail.

DailyNewsBin points out

1. His campaign schedule still doesn't have Arizona scheduled.

2. He still has no venue.

3. He had cancelled initially because he couldn't find a big enough venue and is basically saying it's back on to save face.

"Even as Donald Trump has canceled one upcoming public appearance after another and almost completely emptied out his campaign schedule in the process, all while offering no explanation for his virtual vanishing act and stirring up confused speculation from all corners, one mystery had stood above the rest. Why is Donald Trump still insisting that his upcoming Arizona rally, which his own staff had admitted was canceled, is still happening? Finally, he let slip this evening what really happened – and as always, it appears to have been a matter of ego."

"This evening we published an article which pointed out that there is still no Arizona rally on Donald Trump’s schedule. Not twenty minutes later, in what is likely a coincidence but was delicious nonetheless, Trump defensively tweeted that he will be holding a rally on Wednesday in Arizona after all and that he’s still “looking for a larger venue.” Oops, there it is."

"That little slip explains the entire saga. Less than seventy-two hours before he plans to give what he’s calling a “major speech” in Arizona, he’s still looking for a venue. In other words, he doesn’t have a one. He did have a smaller venue, until he had his staff cancel it. And so now the whole thing makes sense. Even as he was canceling a number of other rallies, in a fit of ego, he ditched his Arizona venue because he wanted a larger one – without even giving his staff a chance to find out first whether a larger one was available."

So it remains a very open question whether he actually does this speech at all.

NBC's Mark Murray:

"Good thing Trump has planned his big immig speech b/c we know less about his position than we did a week ago"
1. My wager is that he is not going illuminate further whether he gives the speech or not which is a real open question. 
2. Even if he does I doubt that 'We will know more' when it's done. 
3. But this is a false meme. Trump is going to be as vague as he can and let the media try to fill in the blanks. 
His real immigration views haven't changed, but he knows they are politically toxic. 
Greg Sargent has more about the fact that they have not changed here.

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