Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Alt Right Response to Hillary Clinton's Speech

Interesting this is where we are in 2016. It's like she gave a State of the Union Speech but instead of a response by the GOP Congress, it's handled by the Alt Right movement she called out by name.

"Hillary Clinton tries to tie the “Alt Right” and Donald Trump."

"In her speech today, Hillary Clinton has resorted to one of the Left’s oldest, most dishonest tricks. She has discovered that people she doesn’t like–the Alt Right–support Donald Trump, and now seems to think Mr. Trump is responsible for what the Alt Right says. We’ll see how many people fall for this.'

Sure. Alt Right supports Trump because he disagrees with their views on race that they express here:

"Here are some facts American Renaissance works to spread, and Mrs. Clinton prefers to suppress:

● Non-whites commit a vastly disproportionate amount of crime. If New York City and Chicago were all white, murder would drop by 91 and 90 percent, respectively (source). Mrs. Clinton refuses even to recognize this, much less do anything about it.

● “Diversity” destroys social cohesion. The more diverse an area, the less people are likely to volunteer, vote, donate to charity, trust their government, or trust their neighbors (source). Mrs. Clinton will ruthless drive “diversity” into every corner of America–except perhaps in the white suburb of Chappaqua, where she has a home.

● In about one generation, whites will be a minority in this country (source). Mrs. Clinton’s policies will make that day come sooner.

"Hillary Clinton will continue to promote the idea that whites benefit from unearned “privilege,” that they are responsible for the failures of blacks and Hispanics, that they are the villains of history. She will continue to work for our dispossession. She will do nothing to stop our march toward oblivion."

"They support Donald Trump because he disagrees with every word of that. Trump also disagrees with Breitbart and Steve Bannon which is why they are running his campaign."

"Trump is no white nationalist like the Alt Right which is why only slightly more than half of his RTs are from white supremacists who just happen to support him though he disagrees with them totally on their racial views."

"Last week, presidential candidate Donald Trump caused a minor stir by retweeting someone with the Twitter handle @whitegenocideTM, which some saw as making explicit the connection between Trump and American white supremacists. But that’s just one data point, right? A one-off thing that could have been an intern’s mistake? Unfortunately, no: the data shows that 62 percent of the accounts Trump has retweeted recently have white-supremacist connections."

"Marshall Kirkpatrick, of social-media analytics company Little Bird, took a look at the 21 people the Donald has blessed with his fantastic, luxurious retweets this week, and discovered that six of them follow major white-nationalist accounts, and 13 of them follow multiple accounts that have used the #whitegenocide hashtag."

Conclusion? “It turns out that Donald Trump mostly retweets white supremacists saying nice things about him.”

Just another coincidence I'm sure.

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