Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hillary Now Leading 49-40 in Huffpollster Average

This after a poll that has been Trump leaning, UPI, shows her up by 7.

Meanwhile, the weekly tracking poll from the Economist shows her up by 7. If you include the two third party candidates she's still up by 6.

Jill Stein is at just 3% I'm happy to say.

Hillary's approval ratings are improving.

"Favorable: 43% (+2)"
"Unfavorable: 55% (-2)"

So she's up a net 4 in last week.

Trump's are horrendous and getting worse.

"Favorable: 32% (-2)"
"Unfavorable: 66% (+3)"

In the Talking Points Memo average she leads by 7.

Perhaps the best indicator of Clinton team confidence is their super PAC is pulling back:

"TEAM CLINTON’S GROWING CONFIDENCE: David Druckerreports this about the pro-Clinton Super PAC Priorities USA:

"Priorities USA…intends to pull down television ads in two battlegrounds considered crucial to a Clinton victory this fall: Colorado and Pennsylvania; the Democratic group is already dark in a third swing state, Virginia….The moves are a product of Clinton’s significant lead over Republican nominee Donald Trump in those three states."

"While the Super PAC intends to go back up in the three states in September, the temporary lull suggests growing confidence about them. And remember, Pennsylvania is central to Trump’s Awesome Rust Belt Strategy.

"Finally, I agree with Sargent that Trump may well be planning a Trump Network to compete with Fox-maybe Ailes will team up with him on that. "

"One other explanation for Trump’s latest moves comes courtesy of CNN’s Brian Stelter, who suggested this morning that Trump may be positioning himself to launch a new media enterprise after a November loss. Bannon and former Fox exec Roger Ailes (who is also advising Trump), Stelter noted, would be just the team for Trump to do that. If so, perhaps Trump is very consciously sticking to his strategy of fusing white nationalism with rousing WWE style political entertainment, and very consciously avoiding broader demographic outreach that might dilute this approach’s appeal to his core constituencies, in order to split off a chunk of the GOP and keep it for himself later as a following and national audience. As I said, my money is on the Trump-is-delusional explanation, and the reporting appears to confirm it. But this alternate rationale does make some sense, too, and bears watching."

It doesn't have to be either/or. He may wrongly believe this is the ticket to win but even if he loses he can have the network. His kids have in the past talked casually about 'If he doesn't get the last leg of this...'


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