Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hillary to Hit Trump's Alt Right Ties

She'll be giving her speech on these ties Thursday, which was also supposed to be the day Trump gave his own speech on immigration in Colorado.

However, perhaps due to blowback from this very same Alt Right, he has now postponed the Colorado speech and a number of other speeches. This also makes you wonder is if all his Birther style conspiracy theories about Hillary's health is just projection on his part.

Trump's ties to the Alt Right are giving them hope that the may finally be 'mainstreaming.' It was enough to inspire David Duke to try running for office again; he's not even just running for the House but is going for the Senate. That's how hopeful Trump has made him.

Hillary's speech:

"Campaigning in Reno, Nevada, on Thursday, Hillary Clinton will address Donald Trump's recent campaign hires and what her campaign termed in an announcement as "his advisors' embrace of the disturbing 'alt-right' political philosophy."

"This 'alt-right' brand is embracing extremism and presenting a divisive and dystopian view of America which should concern all Americans, regardless of party," the campaign said in a statement. "In her remarks, Clinton will contrast Donald Trump's divisive views and dangerous temperament with her vision of an America that is stronger together and where everyone has a role to play in the future."

"Clinton's speech comes following last week's Trump campaign shakeup, which included the hiring of Breitbart executive Steve Bannon as its CEO. In its campaign announcement last Wednesday, the Trump campaign touted Bloomberg Politics' description of Bannon as the "most dangerous political operative in America."

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It truly is something to behold that while Trump is continuing to conduct his very clumsy 'outreach' to the African-American community, you have Breitbart running his campaign, and you have these sort of Trump staff posts found:

"Donald Trump's paid campaign staffers have declared on their personal social media accounts that Muslims are unfit to be U.S. citizens, ridiculed Mexican accents, called for Secretary of State John Kerry to be hanged and stated their readiness for a possible civil war, according to a review by The Associated Press of their postings."

"The AP examined the social media feeds of more than 50 current and former campaign employees who helped propel Trump through the primary elections. The campaign has employed a mix of veteran political operatives and outsiders. Most come across as dedicated, enthusiastic partisans, but at least seven expressed views that were overtly racially charged, supportive of violent actions or broadly hostile to Muslims."

"A graphic designer for Trump's advance team approvingly posted video of a black man eating fried chicken and criticizing fellow blacks for ignorance, irresponsibility and having too many children. A Trump field organizer in Virginia declared that Muslims were seeking to impose Sharia law in America and that "those who understand Islam for what it is are gearing up for the fight."

"The AP's findings come at a time when Trump is showing new interest in appealing to minority voters, insisting he will be fair in dealing with the 11 million people in the U.S. illegally and explicitly pitching himself to African-Americans, saying "what do you have to lose?"

"Since Trump declared his candidacy last summer, he has paid about 120 people on his campaign, according to Federal Election Commission filings. Over the weekend, the campaign reported about 70 people drawing salaries, a number that did not include a few dozen more working as consultants. A slew of hires in early August were not yet reflected in Trump's filings."

The AP was able to review the accounts of only a minority of Trump staffers: Others set their accounts to private, some could not be found or identified with confidence as Trump campaign employees.

The AP also reviewed the public social media accounts of more than three dozen employees of Hillary Clinton's far larger campaign staff and found nothing as inflammatory. One staffer said Trump's style of speaking reminded him of a roommate who had taken too many hallucinogenic mushrooms. AP also reviewed images attached to more than 19,000 stolen internal emails from the Democratic National Committee for racially or religiously inflammatory memes, finding nothing of note.

"The Clinton campaign declined to comment on its procedures for vetting staff. It employs more than 650 people, according to its FEC filings."

"One month ago, the AP sent written questions to the Trump campaign with examples of the posts. The campaign has not commented, despite several requests since."

"Veteran Republican campaign operatives said keeping an eye on staffers' social media postings has long been a standard practice."

"In vetting a prospective staffer, I'm not sure where the line would be for not hiring someone or simply asking them to take something down from social media, but there is a line," said Beth Myers, a former top Mitt Romney campaign aide.

"During Myers' work for Mitt Romney in the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, she said, social media was newer, so indiscrete or embarrassing photos were more often concerns than inflammatory views. Even outside social media, she stressed to the campaigns' staffers that what they said and did would reflect on the candidate who employed them. "Don't put anything in an email that you wouldn't want on the front page of The New York Times," she recalled telling staff. "The same thing I told my kids, I told my staffers."

Certainly good advice. Though what you can't help but conclude here is that this says something about the entire Trump campaign.

It''s like that joke that Scott Sumner eluded to: if Hitler is not an anti Semite then why are you supporting him?

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