Thursday, August 18, 2016

This is one Thing Most Americans Can Agree With Trump on

He says he doesn't trust intelligent briefings and won't use them if he's President. Uhhhh...

"Trump makes intel community queasy."

"One terrorism expert described the mood about a possible President Trump in the intelligence community as 'fearful.'

"Just ahead of his first classified briefing, Donald Trump said he didn't trust the work of America's intelligence agencies."

"Well, they don't exactly trust him either."

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Then the question begs:

"good then he can sit out the intel briefing today and the world will be a better place."

Indeed, why give them to him then? So if he's not going to use intel briefings what is he going to use? He will advise him? Stephen Bannon?

"Interviews over the past several months with current and former intelligence officials and intelligence experts revealed significant trepidation about the notion of a Trump presidency — an uneasiness that the Republican nominee’s latest comments are likely to exacerbate."

"Several sources cited Trump's unpredictability, his harsh rhetoric about Muslims, his vocal support for torture and his suggestions that he'd go after terror suspects' families as causes of concern, even among the most hawkish elements of the intelligence world."

"The wholesale slaughter of families of terrorists — it is understood as a war crime," an Army intelligence officer told POLITICO. "You can see how emotionally it might seem like a satisfying" thing to say, "but no matter how much you might wait to raze and salt the earth ... people understand the right versus wrong component of it."

"A terrorism expert at a D.C. think tank described the mood about a possible President Trump in the intelligence community as "fearful."

"Most people assume that even if he got in he would be forced to moderate because of the realities of your office and the inevitable restrictions on your power," he added. "But the president has the lead on foreign policy and security. The president can do a lot without any sort of restraints from Congress."

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This is what's not appreciated enough. There is a lot of foul territory Trump could play short of something so bad that the CIA would feel it had to disregard his order.

A President happy to abuse his power would have a lot of room to maneuver before hitting into a real constitutional crisis.

In other Trump news, he's being played by Putin just like Berlusconi was.

Something about want to be dictators is that they all stick together.

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