Thursday, August 25, 2016

Stop Hillary Clinton Before She Cures Cancer

Inside Philanthropy, a media group who monitors charities on the AP's dog's breakfast of an expose on the Clinton Foundation.

"Once Again, the Media Gets It Wrong on the Clinton Foundation"

Yet the AP is standing by it's dog's breakfast of an expose.

Yglesias has a good takedown.

"My response to AP’s response to the responses to their Clinton Foundation investigation."

It's just outrageous the evil things Hillary does!

"Crooked Hillary will sit down with any Nobel Prize winner who also contributes to charity. Lock her up!"

If we don't stop her now, she's planning to cure cancer too!

Sure, but even if she were to cure cancer, think about the optics. Jim Aravosis makes the point that only straight people want to shutdown the Clinton Foundation:

"as a gay man, I've been particularly intrigued that every single voice calling for the Clinton foundation to close has been straight."

Bill Clinton puts it best:

Clinton in ATL: "If the best they can attack me for is creating jobs and saving lives, that's pretty good."

That really is what they're trying to do. It's Swift Boat 2016. Yet it is a many factors more despicable than even that. There they besmirched and slandered a genuine war hero for political reasons.

This time they are doing it to an organization that gets affordable drugs to 11.5 million AIDS victims. Think of it, the GOP won't do anything about out of control drug costs. Now it's trying to shutdown a public-private charity that is effectively doing so.

Another wrinkle did the AP reporters go to Trump University?

"I'm beginning to think those AP reporters went to Trump University."

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