Friday, August 19, 2016

Trump is 'Regretful' but Name one Thing He's Regretful for?

Is he sorry for his birtherism? Is he sorry for making fun of a disabled reporter? Is he sorry for making jokes about jailing or killing Hillary Clinton, of attacking a Gold Star family? Nope.

He's sorry that he's 'so honest.'

"While sometimes I can be too honest, Hillary Clinton is the exact opposite," says Trump, who should have been talking like this in June."

Actually, no. Trump is a certified liar and Hillary is the exact opposite.

"The Republican standard-bearer, who has been chastised by fact-checkers for making an unusual number of false claims in the course of his campaign,went on to say, “Sometimes I can be too honest, Hillary Clinton is the exact opposite: she never tells the truth.” PolitiFact has rated 70 percent of the Trump claims it reviewed as ranging from "mostly false" to "pants on fire," the Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checking group's harshest rating."

PolitifFact has found that Hillary is very honest on the other hand.

Greg Sargent:

"That sound you hear is news orgs dropping bar to floor so man who lied to/insulted them for a year can easily tiptoe over it."

Ali Vitali who covers Trump actually goes this far:

"This is a good point - and could be a pitfall. But that also goes for all candidates, not just Trump."

Sure. Because Trump is just a normal candidate like any other candidate, you see? It's not like there's a track record or anything. 

So the Trump rules seem to be, you can say the most vile things for 14 months and then one day say 'I'm regretful I'm so honest' and the media will wet itself in wonder. 

Trump again talks Muslim ban and it's still listed on his site.

This is another thing. I hear people refer to Trump's latest ideology test as somehow a departure or a moderating of his Muslim ban. It's not. First of all, the ideology test is totally unconstitutional and is structured to keep out Muslims. 

The idea that if you don't believe in gay marriage you can't come into the country is meant to tamp down on Muslims. It's an attempt to drive a wedge between gays and Muslims which is right out of the classic Right wing playbook. 

The ideology ban is just another way to frame the Muslim ban as is his talk of banning immigration from countries that have ISIS. 

Yet the media keeps saying he's moderated his Muslim ban. No he hasn't.

Jay Rosen:

There's a reckoning due for every political journalist who clung to the symmetrical approach and "both sides do it."

Ali Vitali, call your office.

Greg Sargent:

CLINTON: "I regret emails." [repeats 1000x] MEDIA: "Why won't you express regret?:" TRUMP: "I regret _____ " MEDIA: "All is forgiven!"

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  1. I know this one! He's regretful that his polls aren't higher.