Friday, August 26, 2016

Trump Calls the Candidate Getting 99% of the Black Vote a Bigot

What he's trying to do is basically render the word 'bigot' meaningless.

Stuart Stevens:

"If there's a hole, Trump will find it & start digging. Attack a Gold Star family, then call candidate getting 99% of AA vote a "bigot."

This is sort of like Hitler calling someone an anti Semite or David Duke calling someone an anti Semite.

Overall as a number of folks have said, it seems to me that there were two big winners in Hillary's speech and one big loser. Winners:

1. White Genocide TM and friends.

"Side effect: Seeing lots of excitement about speech on alt-righty sites. Infowars guy: "We just got bigger, thanks to Hillary Clinton!"

"This speech is brutal for Trump. But if you're Milo, or Farage, or Jared Taylor, or even WhiteGenocideTM, this is Christmas in August."

Overall, the Alt Right guys are very happy to be giving a shoutout. This is in a sense a mainstreaming high for them. It's great for Breitbart and editor Steven Bannon. Interestingly after the hugh getting a shoutout in the speech someone decided to rain on his parade by releasing information about that time he was charged with domestic violence.

That's quite a crew Trump has put together.

"To recap: —Trump CEO once charged w/ domestic violence —Ex-Trump chief grabbed reporter —Adviser Ailes fired amid sex harassment allegations."

This is what he calls the best and brightest?

2. Hillary Clinton also had a great day.

"This speech might have looked a little desperate in a close race. Up 7-8 in polls it looks just merciless."

Bill Kristol liked it:

"Actually, standard Dem line: Republicans are evil plutocrat warmongers. HRC: Republicans are fine--except for Trump."

"Nice tribute by Hillary to Dole, Bush & McCain. Wld have been gracious (if risky on her left) also to cite Mitt, who actually opposes Trump."

Establishment GOPers were conspicuous by their silence after Hillary's merciless takedown. Which just shows how bad a day this was for Donald Trump.

Am I missing a bunch of statements from Republican leaders saying "How dare you call our nominee racist" or has it been shockingly quiet?"

Both Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell respective staff said the boss didn't see the speech or was out of the office.

@seanspicer on glaring lack of GOP pols defending Trump yesterday from Clinton speech. "I don't know. I think Congress is in recess."

I'm sure that's what it is.

As David Frum says, this is all going to work out really great:

"Alt-right losers get famous. Democrats get the White House & Senate. Illegal aliens get amnesty. Win-win-win all round. Nice work, everybody."


  1. It's funny because Major Freedom always claims he opposes both candidates, but he reserves almost all his criticism for Hillary, her supporters and Democrats. His big beef? That the Dems "call everyone a racist and that's their whole argument!" I pointed out to him the numerous times that #NeverTrump conservatives (e.g. Erick Erickson, etc) have called Trump a racist, and he rejected that saying they were just parroting the Dems. I suggested he contact Erickson and the others and ask them directly if they were just parroting the Dems (how does MF know they are anyway?), but he rejected that saying that even if they don't think they are, then they are subconsciously! I think MF is just a little bit testy about his bruised white-pride (I'm assuming MF is a white male... if I found out he was a black female I would be very surprised!).

    Well if he hates that so much, how does he feel about Trump now, throwing around the word "bigot" so childishly? If he shows himself again at Sumner's I think I'll ask. I predict he's have a long winded response that amounts to "But the Dems did it first!"

    1. Yes no question Major is more anti Hillary.

    2. To be sure, he says he doesn't vote at all as he doesn't believe in democracy just like Rothbard and Herman Hoppe believe that democracy is systematic 'theft' and a vioaltion of property rights

    3. OK, you've just given me precisely one reason to like MF, Rothbard and Hoppe. That will probably be the only reason for each of them. If you're going to have crazy fringe views, the least you could do is refrain from voting.

      Actually there is one other thing Rothbard did that I like: he wrote a pretty fascinating description of Ayn Rand's "cult." And "cult" was his word! I found it surprisingly captivating:

  2. Jason Smith:

  3. Good old Jason Smith who:

    1. Is now following me, following Delong's lead

    2. Has RTed a few of my links.