Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Positive Response to the Khan Family Reinforces My Optimism

Khzir Khan says that the positive outpouring, love, and goodwill he's received from Americans after his moving speech the last day of the DNC, and his refusal to back down in the face of Donald Trump's bullying has restored his faith in Americans.

Because many pundits lacked the imagination to realize Donald Trump absolutely could win the GOP primary-something I myself had realized about three weeks into his campaign

they have now gone the other way in the general and decided that he's a truly teflon candidate with a brilliant unconventional, asymmetric strategy. Basically they seem to agree with Trump: he could shoot someone in front of Madison Square Garden and this would not hurt him in the least.

But Trump has not been teflon during the general. When he went after Judge Curiel in June it really hurt him and he wasted five weeks between when he clinched at the start of May and when HRC put the Dem race away the next week.

What he has done with the Khans should show these Beltway pundits once and for all that a strategy is not good simply because it's unconventional and that just because a campaign does something unconventional doesn't mean it's not a really bad strategy.

After all, this lead to a Sunday where this was the lead story on almost every television station. Trump believes that all publicity is good publicity but then there are a lot of stupid things 'Mr. Trump' believes.

But the response to the Khans reinforces and reaffirms something I've believed during this election, especially after the DNC.

America is going to vote for Hillary Clinton and the response to the Khan family is just one more proof of that. After this became a huge story they had a spike in purchases of pocket constitutions.

I don't think this America goes out and votes for Donald Trump.

This shows yet again, that President Obama is right after all. This election is a fight over the nature of America. Trump's America is an anxiety formation against Obama's America.

But most Americans like the vision of Obama's America, they recognize it. This was shown after his speech when even many conservatives were moved by the speech-and chagrined that their party doesn't give speeches like this anymore.

Most interesting was what Nicole Wallace said on MSNBC. I voted against him twice but listening to him tonight makes you proud he was our President.

This was not an accident. This is Obama's America. The irony is that even the conservatives who have opposed him so vociferously secretly agree with him.

But, again, this is the way Obama's America is supposed to work. On Wednesday night he talked of getting advice that he treasured from Republicans who didn't vote for him and don't agree with him.

The CNN poll yesterday showed 27 percent of conservatives supporting Obama.

Obama's America is not Bernie Sanders' America. In Bernie's America everyone is a Democratic Socialist but this fact has been obscured by the media who doesn't care about the issues and politicians taking donations from the corporations.

For Obama these may be problems. But they're not the whole picture. This is not Cuba. We don't have 100% or 90% elections. This is why change is hard. The real divide is not about donors but about divided public opinion.

This doesn't mean that Citizen's United shouldn't be overturned-it should. This doesn't mean the media shouldn't do better-boy, can it ever.

But what it does mean is that Americans  disagree. This is what democracy is about.

Obama's America is not Reagan's America though Obama admired Reagan's accomplishments. Reagan was a transformational President.

Only in Obama's second term with the federal judges he's been able to appoint has the conservative revolution which started in 1980 finally been stopped.

Conservatives really liked Obama's speech because Obama has adapted Reaganism's form. Obama admires Reagan's aesthetic but the content is different.

Reagan's America was inspiring on a formal level. But it was a homogenous America. You were only an American if you were white, Christian, straight, and male.

Remember Jeanne Kirkpatrick's taunt: 'There are only liberals and Americans.'

Just to put the cherry on top of my argument that Americans have already adopted 'Obamaism', consider Donald Trump.

Trumpism is a repudiation of everything Obama stands for and believes. For Trumpism you're only a real American if you're white-which is why Trump is now saying that Khan is just made because he's going to defeat 'radical Islamic terrorism.'

He defines Americanism not as a creed but as an ethnicity. He is treating the Khans exactly as he treated Judge Curiel-who has really been too nice to Trump in postponing the trial till after the election. Shouldn't Americans be able to know if he's guilty before?

Yet, remember the first night of the RNC. The big furor was Trump's wife, Melania plagiarized lines from Michelle Obama's speech.

This reveals that  Obamaism really is the dominant creed. It's already victorious though this isn't clear yet. Trumpism can find no other point of positive reference than an Obama reference.

On November 8, 2016 we will have proof that Americans do recognize Obama's America.

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