Sunday, August 28, 2016

Peter Daou Kicks the Hornets Nest By Mentioning Sexism

He commits the Beltway Faux Pas of suggesting that a decent part of the disparate treatment Hillary Clinton receives from the press is sexism.

What interests me is not just what Daou said-which is spot on-but the amazingly outraged reaction from Beltway insiders.

"Make no mistake: the media's obsession with forcing a #Hillary press conference is ALL ABOUT HER GENDER."

It was amazing to see the immediate outpouring of outrage from white make Beltway insiders.

Now the key is as I read it is not that he's saying that the issue of her pressers is not a problem but more how intense the media gets about it. If there is even the slightest hint of an issue with Hillary the media just goes raving insane.

I can't imagine you haven't been told this before, but your whole schtick is an enormous disservice to feminism.

This is very curious. What Daou is saying here may or may not be accurate. But even if he's dead wrong how would that hurt the case of feminism?

And what makes Sam Adler an expert on what is acceptable feminist dialogue?

Daou responded:

"Yes, many times. By white males. Who fashion themselves the authorities on feminism and on my motivations."

Issac Chotiner in particular reacted with disdain.

Make no mistake: you will not see a dumber tweet today."

Please. Donald Trump tweets something much dumber every 20 seconds.

Yes when you imply we are misogynist it tends to spark a reaction

See this suggests he has a guilty conscience. Daou talked about 'the media' not Daou. When you are defensive like this it usually shows you know you've been called out.

For example. When I hear women criticize men for sexism I don't take it personally too often. No one is saying that 'All men are guilty of X' just that a number of men may be.

Now if someone says I'm guilty of something I know I'm not guilty of, it's different. But why did Chotiner read 'we' into Daou's comment about the media?

"Is the media's obsession with the stupidity of your tweet about your gender?"

No, but it's partly about the gender of the candidate Daou represents. Maybe it is about gender in another way-Chotiner's gender. All I know is not a single one of the outraged comments Daou got came from a woman which tells me Chotiner and friends protest too much.

Peter Daou:

"The initial tweet met with instant criticism from a number of male reporters at prominent outlets, including the Washington Post, Slate, Vox, and BuzzFeed, among others."

"Apparently, identifying the double standard against Hillary as gender-based is frowned upon in the elite (male) press."

"That’s not surprising. Institutional gender bias is an accepted way of doing business, a prism through which the establishment sees the world. “Of course there’s no institutional gender bias against Hillary” say the denizens of an institution (the media) that has helped block a woman from the White House for 227 years."

"I’m not accusing individual reporters of sexism or misogyny. Far from it. Many of them are my friends and they are well-meaning and hard-working people. I’m talking about the national media’s collective behavior, the mindset that allows for lopsided reporting like nothing we’ve ever seen."

Yes. The bias against Hillary in the press is something to behold. Those like Issac Chotiner so quick to scoff that it's sexism should have their own counter theory for this bias. If they don't have one they should maybe be a little less confident that gender 'Of course' has nothing to do with it.

What you get with Hillary is a coverage that always presumes she's guilty till prove innocent. She gets zero benefit of the doubt.

Trump can like and slander for 14 months. He says he's 'regretful' without saying about what and wants to be 'softer' and the press says, ok then. Hillary apologizes for her emails, and the press grades the apology minutely.

Yes, the press has discussed Trump's tax returns or Trump U. But every day like her emails and these damn pressers? Not even close.

When Hillary announced changes in the Clinton Foundation management structure, there's no "Ok then. At least she is taking this seriously.'

It's 'Oh, so you admit you were wrong. Why didn't you do it sooner?'

So yes, Daou is right about this. The media bias is like nothing we've seen. Those who want to dismiss gender have the obligation to explain why the media is so biased against her if it's not about gender.

Best of all are the many in the press who believe this is a 'post gender' age.

Anyone who believes the coverage of Hillary can't possibly be sexist as sexism is over shouldn't even be covering the news.

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