Saturday, August 27, 2016

Trump Again Cancels His big Immigration Pivot Speech

He was originally supposed to give the immigration speech at Colorado this week. Then he abruptly cancelled without explanation.

He was supposed to explain his alleged immigration pivot the media has been spending so much verbiage on. My take has been there is no pivot and it's just him trying old wine in new bottles.

At most it's 'touchback amnesty' which is consistent with deportations. You deport everyone. Then maybe the good ones come back. That's been his policy throughout. What's the big change?

He used the words 'I have regret', 'Softening', and 'Pay back taxes' and the media was off the the races though none of this is inconsistent with mass deportations.

Anyway, he cancelled the Colorado immigration speech. Then he scheduled an Arizona speech on immigration for next week. Yep, that's been cancelled too now.

"After a controversial week which saw him abruptly canceling one public appearance after another, raising questions as to whether he’s giving up as his campaign enters total freefall, has now canceled yet another event. This time Trump is blowing off his scheduled rally in Arizona, a traditionally red-leaning state where he’s in danger of losing. This latest cancelation means that not only is Trump retreating from the public campaign trail almost entirely, he’s doing so in such a confusion fashion that his even his own campaign appears to be confounded as to what’s going."

"The Donald Trump campaign informed the media this afternoon that his planned event on Wednesday in Phoenix had been scuttled entirely. But this took place at the same time Trump himself was tweeting that he will indeed be in Phoenix on Wednesday, and that he’s moving his event to a larger venue within the city. However this appears to be mere bravado or delusion on his part, as the official schedule on his website confirms that there is no longer any event in Arizona on Wednesday. In fact his schedule reveals that he has basically no events left at all."

"Now that Trump has canceled his upcoming public events in Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, and Nevada, his public schedule is so barren that he literally has nothing left on it aside from one rally in Everett, Washington this Tuesday. Even that event makes no strategic sense, as Washington is a blue state where Trump has no chance of winning any electoral votes, meaning he’s wasting his time and resources by visiting there."

I thought Hillary was the one 'sleeping' due to 'low stamina.'

"What makes the Washington rally stand out is that it’s the one left on his schedule. In contrast, his running mate Mike Pence has half a dozen upcoming public rallies listed on the same schedule. Notably, three of Pence’s upcoming events are in Georgia, a red state where a Republican should be winning easily, but the polls are tied – revealing just how thoroughly the Trump campaign is having to play defense."

"But the larger question is why Donald Trump is now vanishing from the public campaign trail almost entirely. Is he sick? Is he merely sick of losing? Perhaps he’s lost interest in holding public rallies in swing states, where his crowd size has been dwindling. Theo only places he can reliably still draw a crowd are in the reddest of states."

It's a fair question after all his conspiracy theories about Hillary's health.

Back to the DailyNewsBin

"As Donald Trump continues to retreat from the public eye without explanation in chaotic fashion, scheduling events and then canceling them at the last minute and then in some instances claiming he didn’t actually cancel them, it begs the question of whether he’s given up or lost interest entirely. Maybe there really is something secretly wrong with him. Or maybe he’s simply realized he’s going to lose, and he’s using the remainder of the election to set up his upcoming media venture."

Maybe he can't form a coherent immigration line for that speech knowing that he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. Now you have Sarah Palin turning on him.

As for Trump's campaign, Josh Marshall:

"Breaking: Trump Has No Campaign Manager."
"This is far from the biggest problem plaguing Donald Trump's campaign. But as we get into the thick of the fall campaign, it's worth noting. Kellyanne Conway now carries the label campaign manager. But that does not appear to be what she's doing. Campaign Managers seldom make many press appearances. Frequently they're almost totally invisible to the public. In part that's because it's a different skill set. But the bigger issue is that being campaign manager requires a huge investment of time. You simply don't have time to do the job while making constant TV appearances - especially self-destructive, or at least campaign self-destructive appearances like Conway's appearance on Rachel Maddow's show."

"In effect, Conway appears to be functioning as some mix of national press secretary and chief surrogate. In the later case, that person will sometimes have a title like "strategist" of some such. Indeed, 'strategist' does seem like the role she's taken on. Simple point: an actual campaign manager doesn't have time to do this much television - especially with a campaign that seems to be mammothly behind on numerous elements of ground operation, get out the votes efforts and more."

"This isn't a matter of titles. It's like having a driver and a chef. They are two different jobs. One person might possibly be capable of doing both. But no one can do both at the same time. If the driver is cooking a meal they can't also be driving the car. If they're trying to, something tragic will definitely happen."

Then there's Bannon-the guy who didn't want his daughter to go to school with Jews and was charged for beating his wife.

"So who's serving as Campaign Manager? Steve Bannon has the title of CEO."

"It's worth noting, political campaign's don't have "CEOs". In a political context it's a made up title - presumably made up because "campaign manager" wasn't available and they released the Bannon/Conway news before they got around to telling Paul Manafort he was fired."

"Maybe he is de facto campaign manager? Maybe. But probably not."

"What does this all mean? There are many campaign titles that are fuzzy and potentially meaningless. But there are many tasks that are specific, concrete and critical. Whatever label is applied to them, they are jobs that need to get done or else things go wildly wrong."

"That's where the Trump camp is right now. So beyond the impulse control deficit and other deficiencies of the candidate, critical parts of running a national campaign aren't being tended to - having a person in charge of running the campaign, coordinating communications strategy, organizing field operations. As we get into the meat of the campaign, that will start showing up in running disasters, mishaps and discovery that various tasks were simply never done."

It's a roiling disaster in other words. I thought Trump would hire the best people?

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