Sunday, August 21, 2016

New, Pivoted Trump Kicks out Muslim Woman From Rally as a 'Nuisance'

But he pivoted! He said he has 'regret' and that takes an awfully big man. He was in the room when some where arguing not to deport all 12 million undocumented immigrants and he listened to them without saying anything.

If that doesn't mean something, I don't know what does.

And yet:

"So much for the pivot toward a less racist and more inclusive kinder gentler version of Donald Trump. In the days since he hired the head of white nationalist website Breitbart to run his campaign, Trump incongruously began giving speeches in which he tried to appeal to minority voters (while speaking to rallies full of white people instead) and promised he would unite America. But don’t tell that to the Muslim woman who was thrown out of his rally in Charlotte tonight, because apparently being a Muslim qualifies as being a “nuisance.”

"Rose Hamid, a Muslim woman wearing a hijab, attended Donald Trump’s rally and was escorted out by armed guards after she committed the offense of cheerfully telling some other attendees that Islam was a peaceful religion. That alone appeared to be enough to get the Trump campaign to decide she needed to be thrown out, presumably because it doesn’t fit with Trump’s overriding campaign premise of scapegoating Muslims based on their religion and attempting to ban them from entering the United States."

"According to Hamid, she was told by the Trump campaign that she was a “nuisance.” It’s impossible to imagine a white woman being ejected from a Donald Trump rally for making similar statements about Christianity, thus making this an overtly racist and discriminatory move on its part."

For those who want to still give him the benefit of the doubt-why would you want to do that?-and assume this woman was there to cause trouble, keep in mind what was revealed the same day:

"This comes on the same day that news leaked out of one of Donald Trump’s own African-American strategists being escorted out of a previous event for reasons which came down to race."

These are his own AA strategists on his own team and they were escorted out of his own rallies.

Then there was the Asian Trump supporter who got ejected recently at a Trump rally.

This is the same guy who used to have black staff cleared from the room before he would enter it.

Here is an example of Trump's thinking:

"Earlier in that same year Trump helped fan the flames of racial resentment when black and Latino teens were arrested in the infamous “Central Park jogger” attack. Trump alone chose to pay for $85,000 worth of full-page newspaper ads trumpeting, in capital letters,“BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY. BRING BACK OUR POLICE!” In the text Trump objected to then-Mayor Ed Koch’s plea for peace: Mayor Koch stated that “hate and rancor should be removed from our hearts. I do not think so.”

I don't think we should remove hate and rancor from our hearts. This is the man who wants to be made POTUS.

"In his businesses, which are private entities not subject to affirmative action policies, Trump did not establish an impressive record for diversity in the executive suite. He has spoken often about providing employment to minority workers, but in 2015 The New Yorker quoted a former Trump casino worker who said that in the 1980s black employees were hidden from view when Trump and his wife Ivana were around."

"No black or Hispanic executive has ever played a prominent public role in the Trump business organization. However the foundation run by Eric Trump includes one African American vice president, Lynn Patton, who is described on the foundation website as “senior assistant” to Donald Trump’s three older adult children."

Hillary is right:

Donald Trump has shown us who he is. We should believe him."

True. Does he not always say 'Believe me. Believe me.'
Yes. So let's do that. Take him at his word.

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