Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Deport Everyone but Add Flowery Rhetoric to Make Moderates Feel Better

This is what I've been arguing for the last 12 days since Trump's private meeting with Hispanic Republicans led to this feeding frenzy over Trump's alleged 'softening.'

Benjy Sarlin put it perfectly:

"This, from Kellyanne Conway on MSNBC, sounds like deporting everyone + flowery talk to make moderates feel better."

In other words, he's trying to have it both ways. 

"According to that source, there is “broad agreement” among the inner circle that winning the election will require Trump to put a more humane gloss on his immigration proposals without significantly watering them down."

Read more:

In other words, old wine, new bottles. This won't fool Hispanics but the target is more to reassure suburban whites.

As for his trip to Mexico, what's going on there? Greg Sargent:

"So Donald Trump is visiting Mexico today, before delivering a big speech on immigration in Arizona. Perhaps Trump is looking to create a visual of reconciliation, to prove he is statesmanlike, and isn’t the hot-headed, divisive, impulsive, reckless figure who kicked off his campaign by insulting Mexican immigrants and has since repeatedly vowed to grab that country’s leaders by the collar and shake them until they cough up the money for a wall to keep out that country’s dregs and lowlifes."

"Or perhaps Trump is looking for a confrontational moment that will remind blue collar whites how tough he is. What’s unclear is whether Trump’s own advisers know what the purpose of this visit is supposed to be."

I think it's more door number two as this Mexico trip is the brainchild of Steve Bannon.

Here is what Trump said about Mexico back in March:

Mexico's court system corrupt.I want nothing to do with Mexico other than to build an impenetrable WALL and stop them from ripping off U.S."

What else is new, he has some past grievance:

Trump long angry about being fleeced by Mexican businessmen for $12 million dispute over 2007 Miss Universe pageant

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