Tuesday, August 16, 2016

For Satisfied Readers Who'd Like to Donate, Here's a Better Way

It's that time of the month again-to put it in a cheeky way. 

That's right it's the telethon time of the month at Last Men and OverMen again. 

It's very simple my friends. 

 Do you enjoy reading this blog? Not to be arrogant-but to assess things honestly-I believe the content here is as good as what you can find anywhere. 

Guys like Greg Sargent or Brian Beutler are very good, I agree. Even Chris Cillizza has his moments. But they are all paid. 

I don't do this blog primarily to be paid, to be sure. But it would be great if I could make some decent money from it: that'd be the ultimate, to be able to live off of writing. We're a long way from that to be sure! 

Anyway, assuming you read me regularly-that would presume you enjoy reading me-then here's what you can do. 

Technically you don't even have to donate. Simply by an Amazon product off an Amazon link on this blog. I will then get a small commission from that. 

Right now my regular contributors have been Nanute,

and lately my sister in law. She reads a lot of books so it's a good fit. 

Again, assuming you already buy stuff at Amazon this isn't even a donation. You don't pay more by buying it off of this blog. 

If you never buy Amazon then it's a donation. But not a bad one: figure you buy your girlfriend a stuffer bear off of Amazon and it's a win-win. 

1. You are a hero to your girl. 

2. Your buddy Mike gets a few dollars in his pocket and can gain the access of the big boys. 

It's what the economists talk about with win-win in trade. 

Why I chose this example I don't know. I wonder how many of my readers have girlfriends? And no doubt a lot of my readers are women. LOL. Indeed, one day I'd like to do a survey: do I have more male or female readers? 

Judging by my Twitter friends, I have a lot of female readers. Especially since Hillary's campaign begun. Although I will observe this: guys seem more willing to leave comments at least on my blog. 

Oh well, that's the trouble with an example. It never applies to everyone. 

My own thing on Amazon is the books. It's amazing having access to so much. 

In all seriousness. for pure customer service there is nothing like Amazon. They even tell me when I try to buy another Kindle book I already have. 

Ok. Bottomline. If you have a few bucks and would like to help, buy something now and again. If you are already an Amazon customer you are in effect spending nothing. If not, then maybe buy something just to show your boy Mike a little love. 

But in any case, even if you can't help, keep reading. 

Thank you, folks! 

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