Monday, August 29, 2016

#AmnestyDon and the Annoying Singing Teddy Bear

Morning Joe Scarborough is on a roll after Trump called for Milo to be fired. First he baptized Trump a new name: #AmnestyDon as he keeps shifting-or in reality pretending to shift-his immigration position.

"The hashtag #AmnestyDon became the number one trending topic on Twitter Monday morning after MSNBCMorning Joe host Joe Scarborough liberally sprinkled the moniker into an anti-Donald Trump rant."

“Think about this: for 14 months, Amnesty Don– and a lot of people are calling him Amnesty Don. People are saying it, they’re calling him Amnesty Don. Amnesty Don, that’s what people are calling him.. I’m not calling him that, Amnesty Don. Hashtag #AmnestyDon,” he said

“Think about this: for 14 months, Amnesty Don– and a lot of people are calling him Amnesty Don. People are saying it, they’re calling him Amnesty Don. Amnesty Don, that’s what people are calling him.. I’m not calling him that, Amnesty Don. Hashtag #AmnestyDon,” he said.

"Scarborough managed to use the term “Amnesty Don” twenty times in the next minute and a half, during which he argued that Trump had flip-flopped on his position on illegal immigration so much that even his own campaign didn’t know his position."

"Sure enough, the hashtag blew up on social media."

"#AmnestyDon is the #1 trending topic on Twitter right now."

Ana Navarro wants in on the fun:

@Morning_Joe, I have no idea what this is about, but I want to keep it trending. #AmnestyDon #AmnestyDon #AmnestyDon

Speaking of Trump and immigration, it seems that all the king's horses and all the king's men in his campaign are unable to explain what it is:

"Donald Trump still has to "refine and decide" certain aspects of his immigration proposal, including specifics on deportation, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani remarked Monday as he tried to clarify the Republican nominee's remarks."

"But," Giuliani quickly added during a discussion on "Fox & Friends," "it's pretty much decided."

Read more:

Leave it to Giuliani to bring clarity to the situation. Trump still has to 'refine and decide' but it's also already pretty much decided.

Remember the former NY Mayor's peak moment at the RNC when he mixed up the directions up and down he was so deranged in his hatred of Obama and Hillary?

Morning Joe also ended his show with the Annoying Teddy Bear. The TB keeps signing "Happy Birthday to You' forever. It is pretty annoying.

But it's an allusion to Trump's quack doctor, Harold Bornstein, who wrote that North Korea like peon to Trump having the best health in all human history, not even close.

"On December 4, 2015 as Donald Trump was ratcheting up his attacks against his Republican rivals to win the party nomination, the candidate turned to his longtime doctor — a gastroenterologist namedDr. Harold Bornstein — for a letter verifying Trump’s personal health."

"What followed was one of the most bizarre single-page letters ever written, with the questionably quack doc noting that Trump’s lab results were “astonishingly excellent.” The doctor — an actual doctor, in the medical field, with real degrees on his wall and everything — proceeded to declare in the letter — “If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

"The letter raised some eyebrows at the time, but has come until a stark magnifying glass again in recent weeks the more that Trump has tried to deflect, painting Hillary Clinton‘s personal health in murky ways. NBC News caught up with Bornstein for a brief exclusive, where the Manhattan-based doctor admitted that he wrote the letter in five minutes while Trump waited outside in the limo."

“I think I picked up his kind of language and then just interpreted it to my own,” he said. He continued, “I like Donald Trump because I think he likes me.”

"One of the more bizarre elements of the Bornstein letter was the URL at the top —"

"That is, until now."

"Someone commandeered the URL and has it redirecting to a site for a product called the Annoying Teddy, a teddy bear that will obnoxiously sing a pitchy rendition of “Happy Birthday” for THREE. DAMN. HOURS."

The website says. “[T]he teddy bear is real and it’s very annoying! We spent more than two years crafting the perfect annoying teddy bear that would piss off someone you dislike or like.”

Speaking of Trump's quack doctor he has now been caught trying to be paid off.

"The Huffington Post tried to get an interview with Dr. Bornstein by writing to the email address which he had listed on the original letter he wrote in which he vouched for Donald Trump’s health. The doctor sent back a reply demanding to be paid $325 per hour (in advance) for the interview. When the reporter wrote back and tried to get a clarification, the doctor – who came off as eccentric at best in the television interview he has done – began replying with Italian phrases in an apparent attempt to be funny."

I will hire the best people.


  1. Mike, month ago Trump make a statement indicating he was flexible on an actual wall (I recall reading about it in RedState or TheResurgent), but since he's been pretty solid on that (i.e. an actual wall)... but then I saw this this morning:

  2. Tom it's very simple. Trump hasn't changed his position but he tries to make it sound like he did.

    Regarding the virtual wall, that was this morning, this is now:

    Sr. Trump adv: Reports of "virtual wall" are false. Trump determined to build wall, adv says: "It will be an impenetrable physical barrier."

    Greg Sargent: "I will keep saying this. The hardliners know that Trump isn't meaningfully changing."