Monday, August 29, 2016

With Trump's Policy Details, the Check is Always in the Mail

We know his record on business, how often he would stiff vendors, workers, and business partners. But the media still trusts Donald Trump.

They don't hold him accountable for anything beyond what he says he wants to do today, or even this minute.

In the campaign, the related version of the check is in the mail is that the policy details are coming in two weeks.

Donald Trump has a couple of go-to ways of pushing off questions from voters and the press.

"The most obviously dismissive is his tendency to say that his campaign is"looking into" something, like when he promised a voter in North Dakota in May that his campaign was looking into whether or not the Renewable Fuel Standard should be continued. No word on his current position on the ideal ethanol/gasoline blend, suggesting that the campaign's exhaustive review is still underway."

Technically he's still looking into Birtherism, still has people in Hawaii.

"The other, slightly-more-concrete way of putting off a questioner is to say that the campaign would be taking action within a few weeks. We're not talking about his vague pledges like "I will release my taxes when they are no longer under audit." We're talking about a commitment: This is coming in a few weeks."

"Earlier this month, Trump gave a speech revamping his proposals on tax policy. He promised during that speech that "in the coming weeks, we will be offering more detail on all of these policies, and the ones we have already rolled out can be viewed on my campaign website." He also said that he would unveil his proposal on giving tax breaks for childcare "in the coming weeks" after discussion with his daughter Ivanka and "an incredible team of experts."

"That was on August 9, two weeks ago today. There has, so far, been no additional detail offered on the policies or the childcare tax breaks. There has also not been any additional information about a particular loophole in his proposal which he also pledged to address within two weeks."

So I'd look at the Arizona speech-healthy skepticism of whether there even is an Arizona speech is in order-pretty skeptically in terms of offering any new policy details.

Obviously, to square the circle he needs to remain vague so as to both keep his xenophobic base happy and reassure some suburban white voters at the same time.

Will the media let him get away with it?

For the record, his views on immigration have not changed. It's always been about touchback amnesty with the question of whether there is even touchback amnesty vague.

'We have to send those who broke the law home. We have to do it. Then maybe the good ones can come back.'

It's always 'maybe' the good ones come back. Or maybe not.

But even with touchback amnesty, they will first be deported. So that's his view. The only suspense is media coverage. Do they hold him accountable or let him keep it vague?

Assuming he gives the speech at all.

Stay tuned.

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