Saturday, August 20, 2016

GOPers Seriously Considering Pulling the Plug on Donald Trump

This had already been a major topic of discussion but now these plans are accelerating:

"Republicans, worried about preserving their House and Senate majorities in the face of fierce headwinds, are accelerating their plans to distance themselves from Donald Trump – and may soon concede, if only implicitly, his defeat."

"Party strategists are mapping out blueprints for down-ballot candidates, in TV ads and on the campaign trail, to present themselves as checks on a Hillary Clinton presidency. It’s an approach that would essentially admit a Trump loss. In interviews, nearly one dozen Republican operatives said they had begun poll-testing the idea – which one labeled a “break glass in case of emergency” strategy - to gauge how the public would react to it."

"It would represent a remarkable step – one not seen since 1996, when down-ballot Republicans, resigned to Bob Dole’s loss, campaigned as backstops to Bill Clinton’s second term. It comes at a time of mounting unease among Republicans about Trump’s prospects and how it will impact the fortunes of others. In recent days, a debate has begun to simmer among the party’s operatives about whether it will soon be time for the Republican National Committee to cut Trump off and redirect resources to congressional lawmakers."

“It would be political malpractice if you weren’t exploring the effectiveness of that messaging strategy,” said Rob Autry, a Republican pollster who’s looking into the idea. “If the current polling trends hold true, then down-ballot Republicans will need to start thinking outside the box.”

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There have been a lot of polls that showed candidates you never thought would be in trouble, suddenly in trouble: McCain, Little Marco, Pat Toomey, even in North Carolina you see it.

"As far as I know, the major election rating organizations--like Cook/Crystal Ball--still have NC as lean Rep. I don't think that'll last."

Cohn's referring to the Senate races not POTUS where Hillary is already leading in the high single digits.

"While Republicans anticipate that their down-ballot candidates will be able to outpace Mr. Trump’s share of the vote, national and local party officials and strategists are increasingly concerned that he is in danger of being so soundly defeated that even their best-prepared candidates will not be able to withstand the backlash to the top of the ticket."

“People are getting pretty nervous about our candidates because he’s in a death spiral here and nobody knows where the bottom is at,” said Senator Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican who is close to many of his colleagues facing re-election.

"Mr. Trump’s move this week to overhaul his campaign by hiring the head of a conservative website known for its incendiary writings on race and ethnic identity only heightened Republican concerns about Mr. Trump’s impact on moderate voters. If he devotes the rest of his campaign to a platform of hard-edge nationalism, strategists said, it could further turn off the suburban centrists Senate Republicans need in their column."

"While there is still time for the dynamics of the campaign to shift, what worries Republicans most acutely is Mr. Trump’s eroding position in three states that alone could determine control of the Senate: Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and North Carolina. Hillary Clinton has staked out a clear advantage in each state in public polling, and private surveys by pro-Republican groups mirror the trend, according to multiple officials tracking the campaigns."

So Karl Rove's group is already trying to test the idea of GOPers running as a check on Hillary-while tacitly conceding Trump's defeat.

"The deliberations extend to the highest levels of the party. American Crossroads, the influential conservative group that was co-founded by Karl Rove, has tested to see how voters would feel about Republicans casting themselves as being a check and balance to Hillary Clinton, according to four sources familiar with the deliberations. It has examined the question in a number of Senate races on the ballot this fall, said one person working with the group, who added that “it’s a question of not if but when” the group begins putting the message into TV ads. (An American Crossroads spokesman declined to comment on the talks, citing a desire not to discuss internal strategy.)"

The National Republican Congressional Committee, which serves as the official House Republican campaign arm, has requested that imperiled candidates begin polling to see how voters in their districts would respond to a check-based campaign, according to two people who work with the group. (An NRCC spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment.)

GOP Rep. Bob Dold, who faces the hurdle of running for reelection in a liberal suburban Chicago district, is also considering the approach, according to two advisers. One recent Dold internal survey found that while voters were deeply unhappy with Trump, they overwhelmingly wanted their member of Congress to be a check on Clinton. Already, Dold has taken great pains to distinguish himself from the Republican nominee, even stressing that he won’t vote for him."

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In other news, Sarah Kendizor argues persuasively, that the more likely scenario is not what America looks like if Trump wins-thank goodness-but what America looks like after Trump loses.

There will be a Trump network-that may well have Roger Ailes in primary role along with Steve Bannon and other figures from the Alt Right.

"Key difference between Trump network and Fox will be lack of loyalty to GOP. Network will want to destabilize US as whole. Revenge network."

Kendizor though pushes back on what a lot of folks have suggested lately including Michael Moore:

They're repeating my argument, but idea some are floating that this was plan all along is off. Was improvisation."

I admire how she takes ownership of her ideas. "They're repeating my argument' LOL.

Seriously, I wish I got recognition somewhere for calling Trump early. Ok, I didn't guarantee he'd win a year ago. But I did say that he had a real shot as early as July, 2015.

Tom Brown recognizes it which is cool, of course. But what about the lamestream press?

Here is Kendizor's longer piece on what America will look like after Trump loses.


  1. I'm imagining the Trump/Ailes/Bannon network. Buxom bikini clad women everywhere, but they don't talk: just sit on the laps of old white fat male "anchors" and hosts who spout thinly veiled alt-Reich neo-Nazi, white separatist, white nationalist and white supremacist propaganda. 25% of news stories focused on black, Mexican and Arab people committing crimes against white people, especially children. 25% stories about false rape accusations and why women are happier if keep quite and never vote and stop trying to compete with men in the workforce. 25% is a celebration of the superiority of white genetics and white culture and how "cultural Marxism" is anything opposed to the "alt-right" and how that means #WhiteGenocide. Last 25% is how awesome Trump and his "products" are.

    1. Their 1st hire will be Hannity. Their 2nd hire will be O'Reilly, who'll be used as a whipping boy (i.e. he'll present the "cuck" view, which they'll ridicule).

      Also they'll regularly "dox" people by broadcasting where they live and their personal contact information (e.g. cucks and (((globalists))) opposed to the Alt-Reich project).

      They'll also try to rehabilitate Hitler and the Klan.

      To prove they're not (openly) anti-Semitic they'll hire David Horowitz who'll do an anti-Black show called "Crimes of sub-humans and other mud peoples." He'll also do a segment on "self-hating Jews" opposed to his dogma.

    2. Well Trump did say he didn't know who the Klan were while owning a copy of Hitler's speeches and keeping them by his bed.

      Sounds pretty spot on overall